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Briarville No-Oxy Pipe Stem Stick

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Preventing oxidation on a tobacco pipe stem is essential for maintaining the appearance and longevity of your pipe. Oxidation can cause the stem to turn yellow or brown over time. Briarville No oxy pipe stem sticks were made especially for preventing oxidation from forming on vulcanite, ebonite, and Cumberland stems. It is true, the stick will remove some beginning oxidation, but it was not meant for that purpose. Its main purpose is to seal the micropores of the vulcanite and prevent oxidation from forming in the first place.  This product is best used on new shiny stems, but it will prevent further oxidation on stems that have already oxidize.

Instructions for use:

Rub a little on a pipe stem and buff with your finger or a soft cloth to coat the stem.
Reapply after a few smokes to keep the oxidation from forming.  Put it on stems before you store your pipe or display your pipe. If the pipe is not being used, then I would apply a new coat every 6 months to keep them shiny.

This product is easy to carry in your pipe bag or pocket and will not leak like the oils out there that also prevent oxidation.

All ingredient are food grade safe and organic. No toxic ingredients


Brand: Briarville

Model: No Oxy Stem Stick

Size: 1 Stick




1 Review

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    How It Works

    Posted by Lou Gockel on 29th Feb 2024

    I have been a pipe smoker for years. Acrylic stems don't oxidize but Vulcanite and Ebonite stems do. This product is compounded to protect these types of stems from oxidizing. First, I have observed two types of oxidation: from sun light (ultra violet rays), which produces a greenish coloration on the black stem; the other is from the smoke itself, which produces a brownish color. The first is the most difficult to remove. That caused by the smoke can be, with diligence and (I use) a micro-fabric cloth to clean it off after each smoke. This No-Oxy Stem Stick is NOT a cleansing agent! It is not intended to be. I have been using it for several months now, and I can confidently say it works as designed. Frequent application is best, it goes on easily, little is needed to cover the stem in a thin coat, I detect no disagreeable taste, and it makes removing the smoke oxidation easier. I cannot testify of its effectiveness against sun light, I smoke outside but my pipes are stored out of the sun's light. Start with a clean stem, (oxidation removed, not just covered by something like obsidian oil). This product will be valuable in keeping them that way. It may seem to be a bit pricy, but very little is need and it is lasting a long time, many a stem I've used it on and it still has another two hundred or more applications to go. Hope this helps your decision if you're considering something to protect you stems.