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Brigham's storied history comes full circle with their Heritage line of tobacco pipes. Following the traditional look that comes with Brigham, you will get a solid pipe with a smooth finish. Deep burgundy in color, these smoking pipes will darken into a rich almond brown over time.


There are a few ways to identify a Brigham Heritage tobacco pipe. There's the burgundy coloring on every shape to start. Also on each pipe is a brass insert on the stem with the Brigham "B." Each Heritage tobacco pipe is also stamped to mark it. On the pipe, you will find the Heritage name and a numbered shape code that will help you determine which of the various heritage shapes you own.


We offer you twelve different Brigham Heritage pipe shapes, enough to have collectors having plenty of options to choose from and enjoy.


Since 1906, the Canadian pipe repairman Herb Brigham was making and fixing the smoking pipes for the pipe smoking citizens of Toronto. The Heritage line maintains the classic look and feel of Herb's beginnings while having an updated quality, as you would expect with over 100 years of experience.

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13 of 13 Items