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The Brigham Mountaineer line of tobacco pipes is a great line to start from if you want to get acquainted with the Brigham brand. There are twelve different shapes for the Brigham Mountaineer line, each of them providing a great look and a smooth finish.


So how do you know you are looking at a Mountaineer tobacco pipe? The first and easiest way is the distinct three brass pin inserts on the stem. Brigham has historically used the brass pin system to denote the quality of their pipes. The original system, which they used from 1938 until 1980, graded their pipes between one and six pins, more pins being a better briar. While they no longer have that grading system in place, they keep some of the pins to honor the company's history.


Other ways to recognize a Mountaineer pipe are through the stamps and finish. Each of the pipes is stamped with the Mountaineer name, as well as a three-digit numeric code, 3XX, where the XX is the shape number. Each pipe offers a smooth and rich finish, a deep reddish-brown that looks like a campfire on a dark night. Each pipe looks outstanding and will be a valuable addition to your collection.


Since 1906, when Herb Brigham opened up his pipe repair shop in Toronto, Canada, tobacco pipes have been created and maintained with care and skill. For more than 100 years, Brigham has stood for quality and spectacular craftsmanship. Pick up your Mountaineer pipe today.

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