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The first Castello Flame tobacco pipes were created in 2000 and continue to stun collectors with their beauty.


These handmade tobacco pipes feature more intricate designs and carvings than you normally see on briar pipes. The level of detail is normally reserved for materials that are easier to shape, such as meerschaum.


The briar that is selected for the Castello Flame tobacco pipes undergoes a ten-year curing process, meaning the expert artisans that create the pipes have some of the best briar available to make their pipes.


Taking this long cured briar, Castello recreated an eighteenth century carving style to get the flame imaging on the pipe. It takes years of careful study to be allowed to carve a Castello Flame pipe, so when you get one, you are getting something from a master.


Beyond the flame on the briar, the Castello Flame also has an acrylic stem, golden yellow in color. This stem helps accentuate the look of the pipe, completing the masterpiece in a way that a plain, black acrylic stem would fail to do.


The Castello Flame tobacco pipe can be a centerpiece for any collection, a pipe that is something you can display as the work of art that it is. Even if you don't use the pipe, it would still be something beautiful to show off.

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  • Castello Flame 2020 Tobacco Pipe 11772 Castello Flame 2020 Tobacco Pipe 11772 Left Side Castello Flame 2020 Tobacco Pipe 11772 Right Side Castello Flame 2020 Tobacco Pipe 11772 Top Castello Flame 2020 Tobacco Pipe 11772 Bottom

    Castello Flame 2020 Tobacco Pipe 11772

    Brand: Castello Model: Flame Shape: Bent Dublin Length: 6.14 in. / 156.14 mm.  Height: 2.68 in. / 68.27 mm.  Weight: 2.6 oz. / 74 g.  Bowl Depth: 2.27 in. / 57.90 mm.  Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.98 in. / 50.50 mm.  Bowl...

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