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“I lead a workshop, not a factory. My pipes are artworks. They are the result of passion, imagination, and handcraft work.” ~ Carlo Scotti


These are the words of a man widely considered to be the reason Italian smoking pipes have gained the reputation for beauty and greatness that they have.


Castello Pipes (or “Pipa Castello” in Italian) began in 1947 in Fossano, a town in northern Italy. Through the passion of artisan maker, Carlo Scotti, Castello heralded the rebirth of the Italian pipe. 


All of Castello’s pipes are crafted from the crème de la crème of available briar and fitted with a hand-cut lucite stem. Always made by hand, Castello pipes are available in a wide variety of shapes and finishes, from smooth and elegant to rough and rusticated.


Closely related in several languages to “castle,” Castello Pipes is now helmed by Carlo Scotti’s daughter, Savina, and her husband, Franco Coppo. To mark the quality of their pipes, Castello has come up with their "K" rating. This rating system was the brainchild of Franco or "Kino" for short. From one to four Ks, these will mark the quality of the grain on a smooth tobacco pipe as well as the size of the carved. The more Ks, the higher the quality.


Perfect for a collector, the Castello pipes have rightfully earned the reputation for greatness, and have been considered a rival for some of the top smoking pipe manufacturers in the world. You will not easily find a more respected pipe company than them.


Preserving the elegant “art object” nature of Carlo Scotti’s designs, along with the dedication that grew this tobacconist’s dream into a premium pipe brand recognized around the world, Savina and Franco Coppo ensure that the dedication to craft and passion of their patriarch is preserved in each and every Castello pipe.

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