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The Castello Fiammata series has been made since the 1960s. Only the best of the best briar is used to create Fiammata pipes, meaning every handmade piece here is a great option to be a centerpiece of your collection.


Created by Carlo Scotti in 1947, Castello has been making handmade tobacco pipes that have captured the imagination ever since. Scotti came up with the Castello name as he was looking to have something that sounded out of a fantasy and something that would sound similar in many of the European languages. So Castello was named because of the similar translations and pronunciations in English, French, and Spanish; castle, chateau, and castillo, respectively.


Fiammata roughly translates to blaze or flare in English, giving you a sense of the design of these tobacco pipes. The straight grain on the Fiammata pipes gives you parallel lines to appreciate on the bowl, with each one having the appearance that they were pulled right out of the briar and polished.


When you get a Castello Fiammata tobacco pipe, you are getting a true collector's piece, something that will serve you well no matter what you want to do with it. If you want to smoke it, the pipe will be great with any rotation. If you just want to enjoy the look of it, they are excellent pieces to be showcased, something that can be a centerpiece for any smoker.

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2 of 2 Items