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Random Cigar

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We noticed that a shelf in our humidor has accumulated quite the collection of perfectly intact, good-as-new cigars. Sometimes a band is missing or imperfect or a seal broken to take product photos, and the contents—unblemished as they may be—can’t be sold as intended. Sure, sometimes we’ll grab one from the bunch and light up, but we can’t smoke them all ourselves. That’s why we’ve created a random cigar listing. We hate any good smoke going to waste, and this offers an affordable way to try different blends. And hey, mystery can be pretty fun. 

Feeling lucky? Add a random cigar and you might be surprised! 

*If you order more than one random cigar, you may receive duplicates


Brand: Random

Model: Random

Origin: Random

Wrapper: Random

Size: Random

Shape: Random

Strength: Random


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