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Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening Pipe Tobacco

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Chances are good you'll love Autumn Evening. It is Cornell & Diehl's best selling Aromatic and we can understand why. Flavored with warm vanillas and maples, with an addittional hint of citrus and liquor. 

Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Blended By: Cornell & Diehl

Model: Autumn Evening

Tobacco Type: Cavendish & Virginia

Cut: Coarse Cut

Blend Type: Aromatic

Strength: 2

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: Maple & Rum


  • 2 oz. Tin
  • 8 oz. Tin
  • 16 oz. Bag

Country: US

Cornell & Diehl
Room Note:

42 Reviews

  • 4
    Good smoke

    Posted by Justin on 11th Sep 2021

    Very good smoke. It’s not sopping wet or overly flavored like most aromatics. I never got any spitback from it in a Dr Grabow with no filter. You can smell the maple from the can, but I couldn’t actually taste it. It’s just a good aromatic that’s very non offensive, even to non smokers. The room note is delightful. My only complaint is the strength was overwhelming. 1 bowl had me ready to vomit from the nicotine. They list the strength as a 2, so maybe it was just my can. Definitely would’ve gave it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the nicotine.

  • 3
    Don’t let it age

    Posted by Noddadoc on 9th Aug 2021

    I really enjoyed Autumn Evening when I first got the tin. It has a wonderful room note, though I can’t necessarily say that same smell applied to the taste. Don’t get me wrong, it did have a very nice flavor of maple but not necessarily what you are smelling, If you need a crowd pleaser, this is it. It was forgiving and easy to keep lit. Why my 3 stars? I hadn’t completely finished my whole tin after I bought it and I stored it away a bit. 1 year later, dry as a bone, so I rehydrated it with the paper towel method and a apple peel. Made a little difference in the moisture, enough to get it smokable, But the taste…..AWFUL! Imagine rotten celery. That’s all I could taste. Maple flavor had turned acrid and it was eu de celerie from there on. I had to throw away the remainder of the tin. It was not palatable. I am now not sure if I can buy another tin because of this. I know aromatics don’t age well. But this one tanks in that department which places way too much pressure on me to smoke a whole tin in a certain period of time. Something I don’t want to do. However, it was one of the best smelling pipe tobaccos I have had this far. And the taste prior, was certainly pleasant.

  • 5
    Autumn Evening

    Posted by Frank on 13th Apr 2021

    I really enjoy this tobacco, it is my go to for flavor and room note.

  • 1
    The worst tobacco I've ever bought on this site so far

    Posted by Ernest Batyrbayev on 25th Mar 2021

    I'm not sure if I received a bad tin or it's the tobacco itself, but the taste was so horrible I literally had to vomit at some point. I didn't even save it just in case I run out of tobacco, I threw it away.

  • 5
    Do over

    Posted by Justin Hayes on 18th Mar 2021

    I am doing my review again because for some strange reason it didn't fully post the first time. Upon opening my can of Autumn Evening, it was a tad bit dried out, I'm not sure if that's normal or I just got a bad tin. The maple flavor was front and center and it was very good, if you freight train smoke this blend you may get a little bite. I really liked this blend, I definitely recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Justin Hayes on 17th Mar 2021

    The maple

  • 3
    Nice, mostly maple

    Posted by GeorgeB on 3rd Mar 2021

    Tin note was mostly maple to me, the room note was a very nice and I can see where this blend gets it name. Taste wise I was not happy or sad, I can see me finishing the tin and possibly buying more later, but was underwhelmed by the flavor... Maybe it's C&D or just me (am newer pipe smoker) but it seems that all the C&D blends I buy have great tin/room notes (even when I can't smell the advertised flavors) but in tasting, the flavors seem subdued or missing, but the tobacco flavor is present and pleasant, which I don't get with other brands (e.g. - Sutliff). This makes me sad as I really like buying tobaccos in tins vs bulk in a plastic bag for both convenience, display and storage.

  • 5
    The non-aro aro

    Posted by mark koecher on 23rd Feb 2021

    This is one of my favorites to smoke year around. Great room note. And to me, more complex than a goopy blend with too much topping. Smoked a bowl with my Neerup bent brandy purchased here. Smoked the entire bowl with zero relights. Great product.

  • 4
    Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening Pipe Tobacco

    Posted by Walter Spalvins on 10th Nov 2020

    Very nice. Very dry in the can. I attached a small disk humidifier to the lid and all is well. Good nic hit. No bite. Nice flavor and aroma. Will buy again.