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Cult Pipe Tobacco

The Cult brand is no stranger to fine tobacco. The boutique company has been a leader in unique USA-made cigars for some time.


With that experience, Cult took everything great about their great cigars and brought that quality to their line of Aromatic pipe tobacco blends.


We offer you several options for some of the most pleasing smoking experiences you can find.


Their Profile blend is a mixture of Virginia and Black Cavendish tobaccos that offer you hints of vanilla, along with other natural flavorings. You will appreciate a fragrant room note, but this mixture still lets the tobacco itself shine.


The embassy blend is a true gathering point, where mixtures of Burley, Virginia, Black Cavendish, and Latakia tobaccos come together to give you some soft notes of vanilla.


The Militia blend brings you a complex but pleasing aroma and flavor. Cult combines Burley and flake cut yellow Virginia, slow steaming the mixture to create a sweet and smooth Black Cavendish. They then add caramel, maple, and a little vanilla to finish off this blend.


Anonymous brings flue cured tobacco and combines it with a gentle vanilla casing. You can easily smoke this tobacco blend all day long to appreciate the flavor and aroma.


Conspiracy mixes together some high quality golden Virginias and a special Black Cavendish that is made from select Green River One Sucker Burley. Cult also throws in some reddish Burley and a little bit of Cyprian Latakia. Some vanilla and clover honey were added in to give the blend a smooth and sweet flavor with a subtle floral note.


Blood Red Moon is a delightful mixture of fire cured Cavendish, Virginia, and Burley tobaccos. They added natural Royal Ann cherry and dark chocolate flavoring to give you an exquisite taste and aroma that can be a pleasant, all day experience.


Abacus offers a mixture of Burley, Virginia, and steamed Black Cavendish tobaccos. They add cocoa, vanilla, and hazelnut to get you a comfortable, mellow flavor and a room note that people will enjoy.


If you're a fan of American Aromatics, you're going to love these soon to be Cult classics.

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  • Cult Blood Red Moon Pipe Tobacco Tin Cult Blood Red Moon Pipe Tobacco Tin Front Side Cult Blood Red Moon Pipe Tobacco Tin Loose Tobacco

    Cult Blood Red Moon Pipe Tobacco Tin

    With a crowd pleasing room note and real tobacco flavor, Cult Blood Red Moon is a popular aromatic that appeals to many pipe smokers. Flavors of cherry and dark chocolate mingle with sweet and toasty tobacco.  Viewed by many as being the most bite...

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