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While Falcon is known for its metal stems and interchangeable bowls, they also create more traditional smoking pipes that will serve as an introduction to the brand while you get used to their signature design features.


Falcon Coolway pipes are briar pipes that can be smoked with or without the traditional Falcon filters. They are economical and steady tobacco pipes, particularly popular as an everyday pipe for an outdoor worker or anyone who doesn't want to worry about their pipe being beaten up a bit while they're on the go.


The Falcon Coolway tobacco pipes come in a variety of shapes and colors. You can get a pipe in a deep tan brown, or a candy apple red stain, with all smooth finishes. The colors share six different shapes, each coded with a two-digit numerical value, so you will know which tobacco pipes you are getting. You can choose between a Billiard, Apple, Bent Egg, Bent Billiard, Bent Dublin, or Bent Apple as your pipe's shape. If you pick up a Falcon Coolway smoking pipe, you will have an affordable tobacco pipe that you can enjoy any time you desire to relax with a comfortable smoking session.

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  • Falcon Coolway 12 Tobacco Pipe Falcon Coolway 12 Tobacco Pipe Left Side Falcon Coolway 12 Tobacco Pipe Right Side Falcon Coolway 12 Tobacco Pipe Top Falcon Coolway 12 Tobacco Pipe Bottom

    Falcon Coolway 12 Tobacco Pipe

    Falcon Coolway pipes are affordable workhorses, perfect for the smoker on the go or a guy who wants a tobacco pipe for work or hunting trips with your buddies. Expect a few fills in the bowl, but a clean smoke. The Coolway 12 has a 6mm absorbent filter...

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