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If you are looking for a piece of history, the Fribourg & Treyer pipe tobacco blends are what you seek. This ancient brand has a long story, and it is something that tobacco enthusiasts can appreciate.


The origins of the Fribourg & Treyer store are somewhat vague. Most believe the store first opened in 1720, but some architectural information casts a little doubt on that. The building that housed the store "appear to date from the middle of the 18th century," which would place the opening closer to 1751. Meanwhile, the earliest surviving documentation for Fribourg & Treyer dates to 1764. 


So 1720 is possible, but the building's age and the documentation add to a little bit of confusion to the origins of this company. A little mystery is good for the soul, though.


Fribourg & Treyer started with snuff, the popular tobacco form of the era. They later added pipe tobacco to their line-up, becoming well known and highly respected tobacconists. The company would pass down to different family members through time, though nobody outside of the original owners would share the Fribourg or Treyer names. The store would be operated by Price Evans, the brother-in-law of Gottlieb August Treyer. It later passed to Price's nephews, who then sent it down the family line.


The store would stay open and operational for over 200 years, closing its doors in 1981 for the final time. Holding a legacy of old school business and classic tastes, Fribourg & Treyer still gets made, saved from the pages of history by Kohlhase & Kopp, who purchased the rights to the tobacco brand, letting pipe smokers appreciate the lineage of tobacco that their ancestors could have enjoyed.


We carry the many blends that Fribourg & Treyer are known for, and each of them can provide you with a solid smoking experience.

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