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G. L. Pease Maltese Falcon Pipe Tobacco

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Inspired by early cinema, this all day english blend is perfect for sipping in the morning, afternoon, and can even accompany a late night glass of bourbon. Maltese Falcon is a pipe tobacco blend that has recently boomed in popularity and it shows no sign of slowing down. Order your tin of G. L. Pease pipe tobacco for sale today!


Brand: G. L. Pease

Blended By: Gregory Pease

Model: Maltese Falcon

Tobacco Type: Latakia, Oriental & Virginia

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: English

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: None


  • 2 oz.
  • 8 oz.

Country: US

G. L. Pease
Room Note:

22 Reviews

  • 5
    My Perfect Tobacco

    Posted by Jim R. on 4th Apr 2021

    This is smooth, rich and slow-burning. You know it has latakia and Orientals in it, but it is mercifully free of the sourness many of those blends develop as you reach the latter part of the bowl. I'm not experienced (or pretentious) enough to describe the various flavor notes, but I can say if you like English/Balkan blends and haven't tried this one, you're missing a real pleasure.

  • 5
    Oh, man!

    Posted by Jim R. on 25th Mar 2021

    I initially chose this because I have a good friend from Malta. This stuff is nearly my Platonic ideal of tobacco. Strong (but not overwhelming, by any means), flavorful, smoky, wonderful scent. If I had to choose only one tobacco to smoke for the rest of my life, it would be a hard choice between this and Mississippi Mud. (That is high praise indeed).

  • 4
    Maltese Falcon

    Posted by Jjones on 7th Jan 2021

    I'm a new smoker that just discovered Balkan blends. I loved this tin and it's latakia forward flavor. I'll definitely order this again.

  • 5
    Most Enjoyable

    Posted by Frank Lomuto on 21st Mar 2020

    I'm more geared toward the aromatics but kept reading rave reviews about this blend. I ordered a 4-ounce tin thinking that it couldn't possibly live up to the hype. After trying a bowl, I immediately ordered an 8-ounce can. Maltese Falcon soars with the eagles!

  • 5
    Very good smoke

    Posted by John Kelley on 28th Jan 2020

    One of my favorites! Good tasty blend, One of my 3 steady blends.

  • 5
    A flavorful latakia blend

    Posted by Ken Hartle on 18th Jan 2020

    I've only been smoking GLP blends for the last two years. I could kick myself for not adding them to my rotation sooner! Maltese Falcon is smooth, flavorful smoke. It's not my favorite GLP blend but it is still worthy of 5 stars.

  • 5
    Lives up to the hype!

    Posted by Aaron V on 13th Oct 2019

    I've recently started trying Latakia blends again after avoiding them for years due to a bad experience. I tried this after opening my palate to this type with Presbyterian and it's just fantastic. It has that expected "campfire" flavor but in a totally inoffensive way for the smoker (room note will probably not be appreciated by non-smokers). When I tried it in a churchwarden a more complex flavor emerged and I'm totally loving it. It's bold but never harsh, just what I wanted in an English blend. Now I'm going to have to get another churchwarden just to dedicate to this wonderful blend.

  • 4
    Matlese Falcon

    Posted by Ernest on 26th Jul 2019

    Soft, silky, and smooth. Really enjoyed it.

  • 5
    To me it tastes a lot like Balkan Sasieni

    Posted by E.M on 9th Jul 2019

    When I first opened this tin I smell a wonderful, nice flavorful tobacco. Maltese Falcon is a rich, dark, velvety smooth blend that has a remarkable sweetness countered by just the right amount of spice. I even smoke this during breaks at work, I just can't say enough how much I like this English blend.