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Hearth & Home Pipe Tobacco

Hearth and Home pipe tobacco is the brainchild of master tobacco blender Russ Oullette. His work has placed Oullette close to the top of the list of the most influential blending artisans that are currently active.


Oullette's Hearth and Home tobaccos provide a wide array of flavors, scents, and experiences. This ranges from the spicy and sweet Virginia and Perique combinations like Louisiana Red, the smooth balance of tobaccos that come with El Nino, or the artful recreations such as White Knight, which pays tribute to Balkan Sobranie.


Having an experienced master blender like Russ Oullette presiding over your smoking experience is one of the best bets you can take that you will truly and fully enjoy the tobacco in your smoking pipe.


We have 47 different blends of Hearth and Home tobacco, which we have separated into three different series for you to browse through. Each tobacco blend will provide you with excellent pipe tobacco, so your only decision will be, "which one do I pick first?"

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18 of 18 Items