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Kiribi Kenshi Black Nickel Pipe Lighter

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Brand: Kiribi

Model: Kenshi

Style: Black Nickel

Length: 0.83 in. / 21.22 mm. 

Height: 2.60 in. / 66.11 mm. 

Width: 0.51 in. / 13.00 mm. 

Weight: 1.7 oz. / 48 g. 

Package: Box

Country: Japan


Lighters do not come filled.

*measurements are approximate

**pictures are not of actual lighter you may receive.

4 Reviews

  • 5
    Nice and smooth

    Posted by Verified Customer on 28th Oct 2021

    Small in size which is great.

  • 5
    Very nice

    Posted by DaveFromNJ on 13th Oct 2020

    I’m very happy with this. It lights easily, feels great in the hand and the flame adjustment screw on the bottom is easily turned with a fingernail - no tools or scratches involved. I will say that to flip open the cap actually requires the use of the thumbnail on the thin metal cap - there is literally no other way to do it.

  • 5
    Kiribi Kenshi Black Nickel: Best lighter I own

    Posted by Rich Weinkauf on 5th Jun 2020

    I've been suckered into buying lots and lots of cheap to medium-priced lighters that are all crap. Some have stopped working, some don't fire up in the lightest wind, some have parts break like caps snapping off, and others gradually go downhill until the lighting is pure frustration. I even threw the last one in a swamp. Now that I have a Kirtibi Kenshi, I wish I had applied all the money I spent on the multitude of cheap ones, on a couple of these. Flame adjustment is precise and easy. Once adjusted, the height of the soft flame stays consistent from light to light. And it's perfect for a pipe since the flame comes out at an angle, making it easy to relight even a deep bowl. This fits in my pocket nicely, not too big, and not too small. I measure this as 3/4" wide, nominally (width at the flint spring screw on top is 7/8"), by 2 9/16" long. It works every time, and lights easily. I was a little skeptical that I'd like this butane lighter since it uses a flint. I haven't had good luck with flint-sparked lighters. Many times the wheel is too sharp, too small, or requires too much force to get a spark. Not so with the Kiribi. The flint wheel is deeply toothed, but not sharp, flicking it is butter-smooth, and it lights every time on the first turn. Every part of this lighter is quality, from the look and styling to the weight and the operation. It holds a lot of fuel too- the body of the lighter is the tank, so the whole thing holds fuel, not just a little tube inserted in the body like every other lighter. I hesitated to spend $76 on this lighter, especially with my experiences with even $25 lighters in the past, but I really wished I had saved the bad purchases in the past and just bought this one from the start. I'm sold, I'm buying a second Kiribi to keep out on the patio.

  • 3
    Kiribi Kenshi Black Nickel Pipe Lighter

    Posted by Jordan on 19th May 2020

    Slightly overpriced but a good lighter nonetheless.