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One of the emperors of the Lorenzetti series, the Julius Caesar pipes, is named for the man who rose to power and established to Roman Empire from the ashes of the Roman Republic.


Julius Caesar was an accomplished Roman general and politician before he ever became dictator. He helped expand Roman territory through the conquest of Gaul, which is modern day France, along with parts of Belgium, Germany, and Italy. His military and political accomplishments garnered him a ton of fame in Rome, as well as quite a few jealous rivals. At the end of his time in Gaul, he attempted to return to Rome, an action that triggered a civil war. 


Caesar would go on to win that civil war, taking control of the republic and reformatting it into the Roman empire. After five years under his rule, Roman Senators assassinated him in the senate chambers, ending his rule in bloody violence. Despite how his reign ended, Caesar was one of the most influential rulers in Roman history. Although his successor Augustus is typically credited with being the first ruler of the Roman Golden Age, it would not have been possible without Caesar setting some of the precedents.


We offer you eight different shapes of the Lorenzetti Julius Caesar smoking pipes. The pipes are all smooth in finish, with a rich, deep ruby red color. The color lightens in some areas, showing off some of the grain of the briar. The black acrylic stem features a brown ring, made to look like a part of the briar. You will also see a golden L, the Lorenzetti logo, stamped on its side.


The Lorenzetti Julius Caesar tobacco pipes are beautiful, perfect for pipe rotations or as collector's pieces. If you want to enjoy a lovely and affordable work of art, these are the pipes for you.

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8 of 8 Items