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Lorenzetti Pipes

Lorenzetti Pipes first started with Otello Lorenzetti in 1934, where he began to create some of the best handcrafted briar pipes. After serving in the military, Lorenzetti founded his company, looking to make his mark on the world. This was despite his missing education, a common effect of the time he lived.


Born the youngest of five children, Lorenzetti had a passion for working hard, which was only equaled by his passion for singing. In the earliest of his pipe making days, neighbors would remark how he would craft his pipes for up to twelve hours each day, all while serenading them with the tenor voice that got him into the school of singing at the Cathedral of Recanati.


Traveling around through neighboring towns, Lorenzetti would sell his smoking pipes to various shops and tobacconists. His craftsmanship made his pipes more popular, earning him a reputation for his fine work.


Even at one point, his pipes gained the attention of the former Italian President Sandro Pertini, a known pipe connoisseur.


When making their tobacco pipes, the Lorenzetti company takes great care to ensure the highest quality briar is used while following the tried and true crafting practices. After undergoing a drying and seasoning process, the wood is carefully inspected, cut, shaped, polished, and inspected again before being deemed worthy of sale. Lorenzetti only sends out their best pipes. If it does not meet their satisfaction, it is not a Lorenzetti pipe.


To this day, Otello’s legacy lives on, as his grandson Alessandro Lorenzetti still carries on the tradition of crafting these beautiful briar pipes. One of their most prominent line of pipes, The Emperor Series, are named after some of Rome’s most famous Emperors; Nero, Constantine, Titus, Augustus Caesar, and Julius Caesar. Each sports its own unique finish, allowing you to find that perfect pipe at a reasonable price!

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