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Another member of the Emperor Series by Lorenzetti, this one is named after Nero.


Nero was a young man when he became the emperor of Rome, and his reign has been largely discussed by historians as disastrous for the Roman Empire. He was the last of the Augustus bloodline, the original emperors of Rome. His extravagant public works and buildings cost the Empire vast sums of money, and there have long been suggestions that he was the instigator of the great fire of Rome to make way for new palaces and buildings specifically for royal family members.


Despite his many historical flaws, Nero was seemingly only despised by the upper class of Roman citizenry. The lower class of Rome seemingly did much better under his leadership, as they were the main beneficiaries of the public works by getting paid to build them.


We offer you eight different pipe shapes featuring the Nero finish. Dark brown and rusticated, these tobacco pipes offer a textured feel that you do not get with any of the other smoking pipe series. These pipes feature the same black acrylic stems as the other Lorenzetti tobacco pipes, with the signature Lorenzetti golden L on the side.


The Lorenzetti Nero smoking pipes are great looking options that are highly affordable, serving as an ideal selection for both collectors and anyone seeking a new addition to their pipe rotation. Whichever shape you select, you will be getting a wonderful tobacco pipe that will serve you well.

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8 of 8 Items