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Avitus has a number of meanings, with many of them bearing some importance to Lorenzetti.


Emperor Avitus led the Western Roman Empire, rising to power not long after the sack of the city in 455 AD. He was not a widely popular leader, only lasting for a little more than a year before being deposed, but was influential in stemming the tide of attacks that had been causing the collapse of the empire.


Avitus is also the Ancient Latin word for "ancestral." It would be fitting for Lorenzetti to utilize this word for one of their pipe series, as they pay tribute to their founder Otello Lorenzetti, who is the grandfather of current head Alessandro Lorenzetti. When it comes to ancestry, following into the family business is one of the best ways to honor where you have come from and signal where you are going.


We offer you six different shapes of the Lorenzetti Avitus series, each of them with the same finish that marks them as such. They are all smooth, with a rich, dark amber that creates a smoky look on the grain of the wood. Each of the Avitus pipes is stamped with the series' name, and their numeric shape code, to identify the pipe you receive. On the acrylic stem is a small band of tan, which looks like the briar that shapes the rest of the pipe. There is also the golden L, which is the Lorenzetti stamp on their tobacco pipes.


Affordable and family focused, the Lorenzetti Avitus smoking pipes will be a wonderful addition to any collection and a comfortable part of your pipe rotation.

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6 of 6 Items