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Another member of the Lorenzetti Emperor Series, this line of tobacco pipes is named after Titus Caesar Vespasianus. He was the son of Emperor Vespasian, who stabilized Rome after the disastrous reign of Nero and the Year of the Four Emperors.


Titus was a brilliant general who helped put down rebellions in the eastern regions of the Roman Empire. His most notable success was the siege of Jerusalem, which ended the Jewish-Roman war and burned the city to the ground.


He later worked as the head of his father's royal guard, eventually succeeding him as Emperor. Titus was known for violent outbursts, and many in the Roman aristocracy feared he would be another Nero. However, Emperor Titus proved to be one of the best leaders the Roman Empire would have.


One of the most iconic buildings from the ancient world, the Roman Colosseum, was finished under his rule, as well as a new public bathhouse and further infrastructural upgrades. He helped organize the relief and recovery efforts because of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. His repair efforts to the city came at a high personal cost, as it was said Titus privately funded much of the new construction.


We offer you eight different shapes for Lorenzetti Titus tobacco pipes. To tell which one you received, the company stamps each pipe with a numeric shape code. Each pipe has a black acrylic stem, featuring a brown band that looks like briar wood and the Lorenzetti golden L. The finish on the Titus pipes is a black sandblast, a textured piece that offers you a different feel than most other Lorenzetti pipes.


It's not often you can have a pipe named after an Ancient Roman Emperor. These are great looking smoking pipes that will be great for collectors as well as for anyone needing another pipe in their rotation. Pick up your new pipe today.

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8 of 8 Items