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Mac Baren HH Latakia Flake Pipe Tobacco

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Mac Baren HH Latakia Flake is a smooth and flavorful English flake tobacco.  The mixture is pressed tightly and steamed before being sliced into small and uniform flakes.  Premium leaf is used with minimal casing and no topping.  The melding of flavors during pressing results is a well rounded and full smoke.

Brand: Mac Baren

Blended By: Mac Baren

Model: HH Latakia Flake

Tobacco Type: Burley, Latakia, Oriental and Virginia

Cut: Flake

Blend Type: English

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Full

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: None

Country: Denmark


  • 50 g. / 1.75 oz.
  • 100 g. / 3.53 oz. 
  • 16 oz. / 1 lb.
What is in it?
The flakes are uniform in size and rather dark in appearance.  The presentation is first rate with neat stacks wrapped in gold colored paper.    This blend uses the following tobaccos.
Latakia: Cyprean Latakia is a main component of this blend.
Burley: Burley is in the background, giving thickness to the smoke.
Virginia:  The Virginia is sweet and brings a hint of citrus flavor
Oriental:  There is Oriental in this blend.  It brings a sour and musty flavor.
What does it smoke like?
HH Latakia Flake is a smooth and sweet English mixture.  The HH line from Mac Baren presents very high quality leaf with minimal casing or topping.  Latakia Flake is therefore a traditional English smoke.  This blend claims to be hot pressed and steamed before it is cut.  This may be why the tastes of the individual tobaccos are difficult to pick out.  The smoke doesn't meander between smoky, sweet, nutty, and sour like many English blends do.  You can certainly taste each component, but the flavor is remarkably steady.  From both the name and the appearance in tin I expected a strong Latakia experience.  This blend is balanced with no one component stealing the show.  Also, kudos to Mac Baren for the square tin.  This keeps the flakes intact more than any round tin could.
How to prepare it?
From the tin there is enough moisture to weaken the flavor somewhat.  Dry time of around 20 minutes is recommended.  If you can bend a flake by 90 degrees and it begins to break apart the moisture should be about right.  I recommend a full rub out until the flake is reduced to ribbons.  Pack lightly with some air in the bowl, as the broken pieces of flake will expand somewhat.  Aggressive puffing did not weaken the flavor as much as many other blends.
Mac Baren
Room Note:

16 Reviews

  • 5
    It’s a smooth moderate enjoy blend

    Posted by Gregory Minniefield on 15th Jun 2024

    It’s a smooth moderate enjoy blend

  • 5

    Posted by Gregory Minniefield on 31st May 2024

    Very good

  • 5
    One of My Favorites

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2024

    Smokes fantastic. A nice buzz with a clearer head, which I like when writing. The flavor is great. Smooth. Burns just right. I am a newish smoker, and I thought I didn't like latakia the first time I tried it, but it was just the particular latakia or blend which wasn't great. I tried this one, and now it's one of my absolute favorites. When you break it up, you can smell just a bit of a minty note in the background.

  • 5
    my favorite

    Posted by south mt piper on 4th Apr 2024

    Although this has a fair amount of latakia this is not a lat bomb. when you first get the tin jar it. after loading a bowl of coarse, as this ages it gets smoother and sweeter. even after just a week in the jar you will notice a huge difference. its so smoothe its like laying your head on your grandmothers bosom as a child. so get you some and thank me later.

  • 5
    Excellent: sweet and strong simultaneously

    Posted by Francois Lorin on 30th Sep 2023

    The flakes are easy to use and the taste is incredible

  • 5
    MacBaren Latakia Flake

    Posted by Steven Pullar on 1st Mar 2023

    I purchased this to cellar for a few months/years, but I took one flake to try. I tried it out in an AKB meerschaum and was not disappointed. I am a confessed Latakia junkie and this was delightful. I cannot wait to try it in a few months.

  • 4
    H&H Latakia Flake

    Posted by gregory platt on 27th Oct 2022

    I could smell that tin note all day and never get enough! Happen to be a Latakia fan so this one is great for me. No real surprises here, just a good quality smoke that I will keep in the rotation.

  • 4
    Mac Baren Latakia Flake

    Posted by Mr. Pete-------> on 9th Sep 2022

    Great tobacco....Great service!

  • 5
    A great flake. The flavor is superb.

    Posted by William Ast on 16th Mar 2022

    One of my very favorites.