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Mastro De Paja offers you handmade excellence with their Anima series.


Anima is the Italian word for soul, which is a fitting name for this category, as the artisans who hand craft these tobacco pipes pour little pieces of their soul into every one of their creations. You will see the words "Fatta A Mano" stamped on each Anima smoking pipe. These words translate from Italian to "handmade."


We offer you eighteen different Mastro De Paja Anima smoking pipes, a set of six shapes in three distinct finishes. Each shape is noted through the numeric shape code that is stamped on the pipe. As for the finishes, you can select between a brown sandblasted, smooth gray, and smooth light brown. With these three finishes, you can get started on a great pipe collection just in this category.


When you select a Mastro De Paja Anima tobacco pipe, you are getting a handmade piece that is carefully created by skilled artisans. At such an affordable price, it would be a shame if you did not take a look at these pieces for your pipe rotation.

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4 of 4 Items