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Mastro de Paja has graced the pipe world with exceptional briar since 1972. Produced by dedicated, highly-skilled craftsmen in Pesaro, Italy, Mastro de Paja creates singular Mediterranean briar pipes in intentionally limited collections for sophisticated collectors. Individually conceived and designed with careful attention to the unique qualities found in each piece of briar, Mastro de Paja pipes are a synthesis of form and beauty with an unmistakable Italian flair.


You can tell proper care is put into each tobacco pipe. There is a beauty to the craftsmanship, with the artisan hand sculpting the wood into the intricate shapes that you see. The briar selected undergoes rigorous inspections to ensure they choose the best briar available, which will show in the quality of the tobacco pipe you receive.


The extraordinary quality of the briar allows the carvers at Mastro de Paja to talk about their ability to bring out the hidden beauty of the wood, adjusting traditional shapes and finishes to fit a more modern aesthetic. You will certainly be able to have a wide variety of beautiful looking tobacco pipes at your disposal when you decide on a Mastro de Paja smoking pipe.


An excellent pipe for yourself, it is perhaps an even better gift for collectors and fans of the Italian tobacco pipes. Since each pipe is handcrafted, you will not find two exactly similar pipes. This handcrafted quality makes each one a collectible piece, and this is right up the alley of anyone looking to expand their inventory of smoking pipes.


From rusticated bowls with polished ombre shanks to beautifully-detailed silver bands, Mastro De Paja offers a fine smoking instrument, one that pays careful attention to the quality of briar and the time-tested elegance of classic bowl shapes. Hand-stamped with “Dolce Vita,” Mastro de Paja reminds collectors to take time to enjoy “the Good Life.”

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