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Try to picture your ideal night, maybe sitting out on your deck while watching the moon while relaxing in the soft summer evening heat. Or, you could be hanging out with friends, having a great time. Maybe instead, it is being around family, enjoying each other's company, and spending the night having excellent conversations and making great new memories. However you define your perfect night, it is a pretty great life when you can enjoy them.


Mastro De Paja's Dolce Vita series of smoking pipes is the perfect set for those nights. Dolce Vita, Italian for "Sweet Life," is a series that highlights the benefits of a great time, being able to enjoy your life. After all, there are not many better things than a great pipe, filled with awesome tobacco, being enjoyed during a great day.


We offer you eighteen Dolce Vita smoking pipes, six shapes in three finishes each. The first is a smooth burgundy colored pipe. The deep, rich color gives the pipe a classical feel, dark swirls of the briar's grain flaring out to provide an excellent look.


If a dark pipe isn't what you are looking for, the light finish will be better for you. With the light finish, you get a better look at the grain of the briar used to make the smoking pipe. When you get a handmade tobacco pipe such as the ones Mastro De Paja creates, the briar is especially nice to see.


If a smooth tobacco pipe is not what you are looking for, the Dolce Vita series has a rusticated finish for you. Rustic finished pipes give you another great look while also providing a textured feel that you will not get with smooth pipes.


Whichever finish you go with, know that with a Dolce Vita tobacco pipe, you will be able to enjoy the sweet life.

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5 of 5 Items