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The Mastro De Paja Ciocco series of tobacco pipes is undoubtedly an elegant one. Ciocco is the Italian word for thick, which fits well with these pipes. While many smoking pipes have a smooth connection between the shank and the stem, the Ciocco shanks are thicker, larger than the stems. This helps make the pipe look bigger, creating a pleasing visual when you are enjoying some tobacco.


The Ciocco series has undergone some changes during its time being produced. Older stems, for example, used to be the traditional black acrylic. New pipes, however, feature an acrylic stem with the color of honey, something that plays well off the finish on the rest of the pipe.


Speaking of finishes, there are three of them. Combined with three different shapes, we provide you with nine total options when you are looking for a new Mastro De Paja Ciocco tobacco pipe. There are two different smooth finishes, and one rusticated. The dark brown rustication gives a beautiful contrast of the briar's grain, providing a dark area to go with the lighter sections. The other smooth finish features a lighter, more natural brown. This does not contrast as much as the dark brown but still allows you to see the grain's natural beauty. Rusticated finishes provide a more tactile appearance to a smoking pipe, one that will enable you to enjoy the look and feel differently than smooth options.


Whichever of the nine versions of the Ciocco smoking pipe you choose, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of a well made tobacco pipe. Worthy of any pipe rotation, you will have a great looking pipe that you know was created and crafted with care.

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