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In 1972, Mastro De Paja opened its doors for the first time. The company started in Pesaro, Italy, and has continued to produce tobacco pipes there since then. They purposefully make a limited amount of smoking pipes per year since each one crafted is done by hand. You can see their handmade guarantee in the stamp on the pipe, "Fatta A Mano," which is Italian for "Made by Hand."


Mastro De Paja's pipes undergo a rigorous series of inspections to make sure you get the best product possible. Starting with the raw materials, if the block of briar is not good enough, it won't get used. Then, if the pipe does not meet with their satisfaction, it won't get finished. The only tobacco pipes that get released are the best of the best from their artisans; anything less is unacceptable.


Mastro De Paja's Collection series is a vision in red. The lip of the bowl is smooth, with a red stain for a lovely look. The rest of the stummel is a sandblasted finish colored black, providing a rough texture that feels great in your hand. Separated by a shiny aluminum band, the company finished the look by adding a red acrylic stem to the stummel.


We have seen black and red used in combination before, but Mastro De Paja has truly created a stunning piece, something worthy of consideration. It will look outstanding in your pipe rotation, likely something unique among the black stemmed pipes that are more traditionally sold. If you are looking for an affordable smoking pipe that stands out among the rest, the Collection series is where you should go.

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