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"Fatta A Mano" translates from Italian to "Made By Hand," which is exactly what Mastro De Paja does with every one of their tobacco pipes. The company treats each pipe with care, making sure they earn your appreciation. No series of pipes from Mastro De Paja embodies this care and attention to detail quite like the Eleganza series. Fittingly named, Eleganza tobacco pipes are made to be enjoyed for both their beauty and their functionality.


The process to create a Mastro De Paja smoking pipe is full of inspections to ensure the only best pipes are made. They make a limited number of tobacco pipes each year specifically for this reason. From the first time they get the raw briar, the wood gets checked for any flaws or imperfections that would make a pipe less than perfect. Any issues will not allow the pipe to continue to further production stages. With all these checks and inspections, you know that any Mastro De Paja Eleganza smoking pipe you get will be the best pipe available.


We offer you twelve different smoking pipes in the Eleganza series. These break down into six different shapes that feature two finishes each. The first is a smooth brown finish, glossy and highlighting the lovely grain of the briar that passed all inspections. The second is a sandblasted finish, textured and dark colored. Picking up a sandblasted pipe, you will get a different feel than a smooth one, so any time you are looking for something to be different than your smooth smoking pipes, picking up one that is sandblasted is a great option. Both finishes come with a large aluminum band that helps separate the shank from the acrylic stem.


If you are ever looking for a tobacco pipe that gives you a sense of elegance and creativity, the Mastro De Paja Eleganza pipe is the one for you.

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