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Barasso, Italy, is a town in Northern Italy, close to the Swiss border. In the early 1900s, Molina took over an old pipe manufacturing factory from rival company Rossi and began their journey to make high quality smoking pipes. When you select a Molina tobacco pipe, you are picking up a piece that has over one hundred years of experience behind it.


One of their notable series is the Azzurro line of tobacco pipes. We offer twelve different Azzurro pipe options for you to browse, meaning there is something for just about everyone. You can choose between six different pipe shapes, with two finishes for each one. If you want a textured feel, there is the sandblasted option. The rougher outside of the pipe allows a more tactile sensation when holding the smoking pipe, while providing a windswept appearance with the black stain on the bowl. However, the smooth option is also available for anyone that is looking for that style. Almost black in color, the Azzurro looks as if it were carved out of a dark granite instead of the carefully selected briar that Molina chooses for each of their pipes.


Another way the Azzurro series separates itself from other Molina smoking pipes thanks to their acrylic stems. Blue with white streaks, these look like a sunny day's sky with a few wispy and light clouds.


When you select an Azzurro series smoking pipe, you are getting an affordable and outstanding addition to your pipe rotation. They will serve you well while also providing a great look whenever you rest it on your tobacco pipe stand.

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12 of 12 Items