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The Lombardy region of Northern Italy is one of the twenty administrative regions of Italy. In the region are notable cities and towns, including Milan, Brescia, and Barasso.


Barasso is the home of the Molina tobacco pipe factory, which they took over from rivals Rossi Pipes. Barasso is a small town with a population of less than two thousand, but the high quality of Molina's smoking pipes still helps to put this place on the map.


Molina paid tribute to their hometown with the Barasso pipe series. These tobacco pipes come in many different colors and are made from the highest quality briar. Molina's pipe making process is designed to create the best tasting pipe from the start. With their specialized drying process, the tannins in the briar that cause an unpleasant taste while breaking in the pipe are all but eliminated, meaning that every pipe you select from Molina will give you a better taste the first time you pick it up.


You can pick up a Molina Barasso in a wide variety of colors and shapes. There is the traditional black and white colored pipe, or maybe you want to find something different, like blue or green. There are so many different options for you to choose between that you can create an entire pipe rotation from this series without repeating a look.


Affordable and of great quality, the Molina Barasso tobacco pipes will be an excellent addition to any pipe rotation, and the colors will look excellent while resting on your tobacco pipe stand.


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