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Molina has always been innovative, mixing traditional craftsmanship with modernized practices to create outstanding and affordable smoking pipes. Utilizing the Rossi factory they acquired in the early 1900s, Molina's tobacco pipes have stood out as excellent options for collectors and beginning smokers alike.


One of their standout series is their Zebrano line of pipes. Another name for Zebrawood, Molina created a line with a band that mimics the look of the excellent wood on the shank.


Still made out of the traditional briar that Molina is known for, the Zebrano series offers smokers a great look with a wide variety of shapes and finishes available. Zebrano is broken down into four different subsets, one for each finish on the pipe.


First is the Brilliant finish. We offer three different shapes for this golden brown finish, a Bent Brandy, a Billiard, and a Pot smoking pipe. Whichever shape you get, you will see the grain clearly, and the bowl will be an excellent looking addition to your collection.


Next is the Grey. Grey's smooth bowls will look like you are viewing the briar at night, a dark finish that offers you light streaks of a brighter color underneath. There are six Grey shapes, Bent Calabash, Bent Brandy, Billiard, Pot, Bent Panel, and Bent Bulldog.


The third option is the Orange finish. Adding a more sunrise glow to the Brilliant colors, you will have a great looking tobacco pipe if you go with an orange Zebrano. We offer you two shapes here, the Billiard and the Pot smoking pipes.


Finally, there is the Sandblasted finish. What is unique about the sandblasted Zebrano is how they only work the bowl while avoiding the shank. Molina does this to avoid messing up the distinctive band on the shank, which is the Zebrano signature.


Whichever finish you decide to choose, you are getting an excellent looking smoking pipe that will be a great addition to your pipe rotation. Enjoy your Zebrano pipe today!

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12 of 12 Items