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Founded in 1935, Montecristo is one of the most well-known heirloom Cuban cigar brands in the world. The story of Montecristo Cigars shares many similar parts to most cigars of Cuban origin. Alonso Menendez was the creator of the brand, purchasing the Particulares Factory the same year they created the Montecristo.


As legend tells, the rollers at the factory would be read books and stories as they were working, including the novel The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. This would then become the name of the popular cigar, the Montecristo.


Despite it being one of the most well known cigar brands, it is not actually that old, relatively speaking. Compared to some other Cuban cigar brands, such as H. Upmann, which was created in 1844, the 1935 formation of the Montecristo cigars makes them pretty young.


Despite not being in business for long, Montecristo was wildly successful. After only one year, they were able to purchase the H. Upmann brand, which had been floundering for some time before then.


The Menendez family was able to remain a powerhouse in the cigar scene for a while, but they fell victim to the same problem that the rest of the Cuban cigar industry did. After the 1959 revolution, Castro nationalized the Cuban cigar companies, forcing out all the owners. 


After fleeing the country, Benjamin Menendez, Alonso's son, created the non-Cuban version of the Montecristo, which they were able to sell in the United States. Thanks to the family's knowledge and experience, along with some Cuban tobacco seeds they were able to smuggle out, the non-Cuban Montecristo cigars were just as good as the original.


Known for their flawless burn and exceptional construction, Montecristo cigars are hand rolled with Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers, all held together in a delicious Connecticut wrapper. Today, Montecristo is helmed from the Dominican Republic and rolled at modernized factories in Honduras and Nicaragua.


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  • Montecristo White Label Cigar - Toro

    Montecristo White Label Cigar - Toro

    Brand: Montecristo Model: White Label Origin: Dominican Republic Wrapper: Ecuador Conneticut Ring Gauge: 54 Length: 6.00 in. Shape: Toro Binder: Dominican Republic Filler: Dominican Republic, Nicaragua Strength: 3 Taste: N/A Flavoring:...

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