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Through Miami Cigar & Co., the Miranda family has brought us some amazing cigars through the years. Whether the classic Don Lino or the Tatiana, a top-seller in the world of flavored cigars—dynamic, flavorful profiles abound. The eponymous Nestor Miranda Collection and special Selection are no exception to the company’s dedication to quality. 


The Nestor Miranda Collection was released in 2014 as a celebration of Miami Cigar Co.’s 25th anniversary. Similarly, the Special Selection, originally released in 2006, was reintroduced in 2019 for the company’s 30th year. These cigars are celebrations of milestones for the company that was started by the husband and wife team of Nestor and Mariana Miranda, under the difficult conditions of a pre-cigar boom industry. Miami Cigar & Co. have had their share setbacks over the years, but these lines serve to show that so long as the quality is there and the passion is alive, the storm can be weathered. 


In the early days of the company in the late ‘80s, Mariana would pack the car with cigar boxes and travel all around South Florida, diligently finding business with any store that sold cigars. At the time, Nestor was still working full time in the liquor business, but on weekends he would join Mariana on the road. 


Things were looking up by the mid-90s—the cigar boom had been kind to the Mirandas, and Nestor left his job to devote himself to Miami Cigar & Co. Distributing popular brands such as La Aurora and Leon Jimenes, and finding success with a line of their own, Don Lino, Miami Cigar & Co. was on top. But it wasn’t as stable a foundation as it had seemed. The United States Tobacco Company (UST) factory in Honduras manufactured Miami Cigar & Co.’s cigars, but the rug was abruptly pulled from under the Mirandas in ‘96 when UST decided to go in-house with their distribution. This nearly did the company in, but slowly yet surely, they managed to rebuild, creating new premium brands and finding a new factory to manufacture Don Lino. 


In 2006, a decade after the business nearly went under, the Nestor Miranda Special Selection was released. These medium to full bodied cigars are a bold, flavorful kick to the palate. A diverse blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos—Condega, Esteli, and Jalapa fillers are expertly hand-wrapped in a habano wrapper with a criollo 98 binder. Check out our selection and you'll understand just why these premium cigars were too good not to bring back. 




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