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Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Tins

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There has been many disagreements as to whether or not this blend actually contains Perique tobacco. In our opinion, there is no reason for Orlik to omit the Perique. And besides, we can taste the Perique. Golden Sliced tobacco is a perfect flake cut tobacco and carries a delicious hay flavor. This tin is available in both 50 and 100 gram tins.

Brand: Orlik

Blended By: Orlik

Model: Golden Sliced

Tobacco Type: Perique, Virginia

Cut: Flake

Blend Type: Perique, Virginia

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None

Country: Denmark


  • 50 g. / 1.76 oz.
  • 100 g. / 3.53 oz.
Room Note:

29 Reviews

  • 4
    Pretty good

    Posted by Gerald Garrison on 11th Apr 2022

    This is the first Virginia flake that I tried. I didn’t understand the hype at first but after a few bowls, I now understand.

  • 5
    Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Tins

    Posted by Big French Dog on 3rd Mar 2022

    I was coming down from a crazy week of strange news, situational problems, and running well-fired pipes full of ripping-hot, smoking-like-tar Latakia. It was terribly intense, but sort of delicious and necessary as well- heavily-burned tongue and all. I decided I needed to tone it down, and got a can of Orlik's Golden Sliced popped open. That's mild enough, right? It smelled clean, with maybe a hint of anise; no Lat here. I let a couple flakes dry in the sun for a while, as I prepared myself for a mild time. The opening notes of the smoke were square and honest; light, like smoking straw. I began to imagine the boring run that this would be. Somewhere it says there is a nice "hay" flavor that is supposed to roll within this smoke. Hmm. OK. So, I sat there waiting to catch that "hay" flavor. But about a third of the way into the bowl, the profile began to shift into a heavier, thicker, sweeter ride; maybe some Perique edging up spicily? I liked it. I started to run the pipe hotter. Suddenly the whole damned thing came together and made sense. The nicotine hit came on, as my head filled with clouds of spicy-sweet caramel marshmallows. There was a little drool on the stem as I sat and kept mwa-mwa-ing on this now-billowing wonder. As we reached the end of the ride, I sat in the buzz and solace of the next little while, estimating that this surely had been the second-most-memorable smoke that I had ever had. So. Orlik's Golden Sliced? Yes. Every morning now. MMmmm I have become a certified Shrewd Judge.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by Drew Brown on 6th Nov 2021

    After hearing all the hype on this stuff I figured I’d check it out myself. Glad I did! It’s became my new favorite.

  • 4
    One of the best tobacco blends for many years.

    Posted by Vladimir Radzievski on 2nd Oct 2021

    This tobacco blend has been my favorite for many years. Probably the only flaw Orlik produces it only in tin.

  • 4
    Tastes great

    Posted by Rockwell on 11th May 2021

    The flavor is great, the flakes take a few tries to get used to packing correctly if you're new, but it's a good smooth smoke. No tongue burn.

  • 1
    Orlik sliced Tobacco

    Posted by Ed Rotchford on 29th Jan 2021

    Tobacco was not fresh

  • 5
    Wonderful flavor, plain and simple

    Posted by Yonaton on 17th Jan 2021

    The wonderfully subtle hay flavor this has is, so far, unbeatable as an all-day smoke. The flavor lasts from the first puff to about the last quarter of a bowl (which, to me, on *any* tobacco blend/type I've ever smoked, the last quarter is rough, flavorless, and makes my throat scratchy). Seriously, the flavor is good with every single puff throughout, and especially even a tiny bit better if you keep up with soft tamping once in a while. This is a blend/type I'll have for the rest of my days to use as an all-day if I need one when away from home. It's simply Just That Good!

  • 4
    Pleasant smoke.

    Posted by Orlik golden sliced on 16th Jan 2021

    50 gram tin is round but has tobacco wrapped in paper. Made for square tins..Need to change paper packaging.

  • 5
    Virginia at it best...

    Posted by JB on 26th Dec 2020

    This a very 'fine' and 'subtle' tobacco blend. Rubbed out it burns best, in my humble opinion, and if smoked leisurely it will *not* get hot or bite, and if kept gently tamped in the bowl after about 1/4 down the sweet hay field smell and taste will start to show itself and you'll suddenly find yourself wanting to lay back in that hay field barefoot and lower your straw hat over your eyes and just enjoy the bowl. Imagine a Tom Sawyer moment but painted by Norman Rockwell...*that* is the subtle sweetness and flavor that comes to mind with this blend.