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Many tobacco pipe makers throughout history have tried their hands at pairing their pipes with their own custom blends. Louis Orlik seems to have been one of them.


Louis Orlik was an immigrant from Vienna, Austria, who originally opened a shop in 1899 in London, England. His tobacco pipes were low priced pieces, but they gained in popularity due to their durability during an era where pipes were more disposable and cheaply made.


Orlik's tobacco pipes remained popular for many years until the company was acquired by another company in 1980.


Hit tobacco, on the other hand, maintains its popularity today, thanks to the efforts of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Orlik Tobacco is one of themost popular blends in Denmark and still retains its English history through the retention of their judge logo and the Orlik slogan, "Smoked by All Shrewd Judges."


We offer you four blends of Orlik Tobacco to choose from, with each tobacco giving you a pleasant smoking experience.


The Orlik Club Mixture is an aromatic blend of tobacco. You will get a combination of Virginia, Burley, and Black Cavendish tobaccos with this mixture. Along with this, there is a caramel and vanilla flavoring added to the tobacco, meaning this is a selection that provides a pleasant room note with a smooth, sweet, and savory flavor.


The Golden Mixture is a combination of different cuts of tobacco, as well as different types. You will get a broken flake cut Virginia, a ribbon cut Virginia, Burley, and a mild Black Cavendish tobaccos. This blend provides a very pleasant room note, with a mild taste that you are sure to appreciate.


The Mellow Mixture is a combination of Virginia, two different Black Cavendishes, and a small amount of Burley. There is some chocolate, and caramel flavoring added, turning this into a lovely dessert tobacco, with a fresh, sweet taste and yet another very pleasant room note.


Finally, there is the Golden Sliced blend. This is a bit of a disputed blend, as there are questions of precisely what is in here. We find that this is a traditional VaPer, a comfortable mixture of Virginia and Perique tobaccos. You will get a sweet and citrusy flavor from this tobacco, as well as some of the kick that Perique provides.


Orlik Tobacco is an excellent set of blends for you to try out, so pick yours up today.

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  • Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Tins Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Tins Front Side Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Tins Tobacco Slices

    Orlik Golden Sliced Pipe Tobacco Tins

    There has been many disagreements as to whether or not this blend actually contains Perique tobacco. In our opinion, there is no reason for Orlik to omit the Perique. And besides, we can taste the Perique. Golden Sliced tobacco is a perfect flake cut...

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