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Many pipe smokers experiment with mixing finished blends to create new and unique ones. However, this often leads to an odd taste due to varying recipes and flavors from different manufacturers. To tackle this, one option is to stick to the manufacturer's blend, accepting its limitations. Alternatively, you could try adding blending tobacco like Virginia or Burley, but this may not always solve the issue due to different casings.

Enter the Blenders Collection: tobaccos with minimal casing and no top flavor. These tobaccos can be smoked as they are or blended into your mix without compromising taste. Let me introduce you to the collection, but remember, these benefits only apply to the Blenders Collection tobaccos.

Virginia - Bright and Red Virginia is pressed into a block and stored for at least one month. Then, it is cut and loosened into a Ready-Rubbed cut. Virginia serves as a solid foundation for various tobacco blends, reducing dryness and toning down strength when needed. Also, add some Virginia if you want to make tobacco less aromatic.

Burley - Most of this blend is Burley, with just a little Virginia added. Burley is excellent at minimizing bite and adding strength to a blend. If you have found a perfect aromatic but feel the strength is a little weak, add some Burley. Or, if you have a blend, you find a little bite a bit, and you want to remove it, add some Burley.

Dark Fired Kentucky - Made from large leaves smoked multiple times in a special barn after harvest and drying, Dark Fired Kentucky delivers high strength due to fewer leaves on the plant, concentrated nicotine, and a slightly smoky flavor. Perfect for adding strength, smokiness, or removing a bite.

Bold & Strong - A unique blend of Virginia, Burley, and Rustica, pressed and cut into a Ready-Rubbed style. Experience earthy, leathery, woody, and herbal notes. High in nicotine, it easily enhances tobacco strength. Add natural herbal, earthy, and spicy flavors to your tobacco with Bold & Strong.

Aromatic #4 - A delightful blend of Virginia, Burley, and Cavendish. With a higher Cavendish content, it offers a pleasant backdrop for blending with other tobaccos. Enjoy flavors of fruit, figs, sweet berries, and brown sugar when smoked straight. Perfect for enhancing the flavor of your tobacco blend or adding to create a stronger aromatic.

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