Peter Stokkebye PS 402 Luxury Twist Flake Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Peter Stokkebye

Model: Luxury Twist Flake PS 402

Tobacco Type: Virginia

Cut: Flake

Blend Type: Virginia

Strength: 2 of 5

Taste: Mild

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None


  • 2 oz.
  • 8 oz.
  • 16 oz.
  • 5 lbs.

Country: Denmark

6 Reviews

  • 4
    402 Luxury Twist

    Posted by Les Sechler on 15th Aug 2019

    Very good, like all PS VA tobaccos are. Add a little Perique and it would be even better. Very smooth and mellow.

  • 4
    A light aromatic.

    Posted by Paul W. on 1st Apr 2019

    Although PS LTF is classified as a straight Virginia, it's actually a light aromatic.
    The light toppings are quite pleasant & do not overpower the natural citrus grassy taste of Virginia.
    The description says 'caramel/other' as a topping but I get a slightly sweet hint of coconut, that compliments the slight tang/sharpness of Virginia.
    It's got a very pleasant flavor.
    The nicotine is closer to medium than mild.

    The downside is that when fresh, anything bigger than a small bowl heats my mouth. Quite typical of a straight Virginia.

    My 4-star rating is based on the flavor, quality of leaf & the fact that this flake, like Peter Stokkebye's Luxury Navy Flake, will benefit significantly from aging.

    There are not many blends that I'd go to the bother of aging but this, like their Navy Flake, will be worth the effort.
    I'll report back in 6-12 months time.

  • 5
    Luxury twist flake

    Posted by Donlo Beddingfield on 2nd Nov 2018

    I really liked this it smells good and taste good I will be ordering more.

  • 5
    Daily Staple

    Posted by Geoff Corey on 6th Oct 2018

    Having been a big English blend smoker for so long I have been now on a straight Virginia kick. Luxury Twist Flake has been a favorite for many months now.

    Easy to fold and stuff in the Peterson Silver Fishtail spigot two flakes is perfect. Easy to light and rarely re-lite.

    I find the flavor more nuanced than other straight Virginia's. Sweet, but as much as Sutliff 515 RC-1. There are citrus notes in there I would say like the acidity of a Pink Lady apple varietal. A little hay and maybe cedar.

    Room note is pleasant and welcoming from the wife that usually suffers through my latakia blends or perique blends.

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    One of my fav's

    Posted by Geoffrey Corey on 21st Sep 2018

    Been on a Virginia kick lately have several straight Virginia's, this is my go to. Fold and stuff and almost never relight. Sweet and pleasant!

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    I like this stuff

    Posted by Mike on 31st Aug 2018

    Has a coconut aroma, maybe honey and chocolate too but VERY light. Bought this on a whim and I'm pleasantly surprised. I'm gonna get some more and jar it for a while. Rubs out great and packs perfectly. Give it a whirl.