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Savinelli Churchwarden Black Rustic 601 Tobacco Pipe

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If you have personally never owned a churchwarden, you might look upon a pipe such as this and think of it as being rather flimsy, unsturdy, and a novelty item. However, this could not be more from the truth. The bent billiard bowl and acrylic stem make this pipe very fun to hold without stressing the owner out about damaging it. And while some may not see the purpose in having such a long pipe, the cool smoke it delivers through the long stem is sure to change their minds.

Brand: Savinelli

Model: Churchwarden

Style: 601

Shape: Churchwarden

Length: 10.28 in. / 261.01 mm.

Height: 1.82 in. / 46.26 mm.

Weight: 1.9 oz. / 56 g.

Bowl Depth: 1.51 in. / 38.42 mm.

Bowl Outside Diameter: 1.43 in. / 36.39 mm.

Bowl Inside Diameter: 0.73 in. / 18.65 mm.

Filter: None

Finish: Rustic

Bowl Material: Briar

Stem Material: Acrylic

Package: Box

Country: Italy

Convertible: No


*Pipe measurements are approximate

**Pipe pictures are not of actual pipe you may receive.

>9 in.
1.51-2.0 in.
1.51-2 oz.
Bowl Depth:
1.51-1.75 in.
Bowl Inside Diameter:
.50-.75 in.
Filter Size:
Bowl Material:
Stem Material:
One of a Kind:

8 Reviews

  • 5
    Very Pleased

    Posted by Joel on 11th May 2023

    First off, thumbs up for the people at Excellent selection and customer service. Next the Savinelli rustic 601 churchwarden looks great. The black rustic bowl and the bend of the mouth piece is perfect for me. The bowl is not to cumbersome, fits well in hand. Not a pipe to clench, but comfortable to hold. Well made by a reputable company like Savinelli. There is a slight learning curb smoking a churchwarden. It helps you to slow down on your draw and you get to enjoy the cool smoke. I am enjoying my aromatics in this bowl, I come to appreciate the flavors of the tobacco. It gets me reaching for this pipe more often in my rotation. ~Cheers

  • 4
    Condensation issues

    Posted by Paulie on 30th Jan 2023

    First, I like this pipe, I do... However, this pipe has some serious condensation issues. I've tried 5 different kinds of tobacco, everything from blends to aromatics, cake pressed, flake and ribon cut tobaccos all with the same results. Even with purposefully slow and shallow draws, however, doing that helps... I think the balsa wood filtration system that most all Savinelli's have would definitely help with the condensation issues this pipe has. In addition, I'm not a fan of the bowl coating, which takes smoking several bowls to burn off that gunk which gives off a horribly nasty taste! Aromatic blend tobaccos help that way... Another thing about this churchwarden, is finding pipe cleaners that're long enough to clean the stem can be a challenge. Other than that, I like this pipe a lot! It smokes well (other than the condensation and break in issues) and has a nice smooth and cool draw. Definitely like the rusticated finish on churchwardens... Not that one couldn't clench this pipe (I usually don't), the textured finish makes holding on to them much easier! I have some other concerns of delicacy with the extended stem, but so far simply being careful with it works. I really enjoy this pipe with a nice aromatic tobacco... The longer stem and cooler smoke enhances the flavor (IMO) and dramatically reduces the risk of tongue bite!

  • 5
    Great pipe worth the money perfect size bowl

    Posted by David De Marco on 26th Nov 2022

    Great service from tobacco first choice for any tobacco or related purchase.

  • 4
    Cool smoking

    Posted by Bunce on 9th Dec 2021

    Great pipe. No place for filter, but who needs one. It does have a condensation issue. Not sure if common with this style pipe in cold weather. (40*) I do recommend wiping out the bowl with some high proof before your first puff. (Some sort of coating, not very tasty)

  • 5
    Beautiful and Good Smoke

    Posted by Walt on 29th Jan 2016

    It looks gorgeous and I enjoy this pipe very much. Comfortable to hold and it smokes cool compared to others. I always look forward to the next day to smoke it again.

  • 4
    A great smoke

    Posted by Verified Customer on 19th May 2015

    This pipe gives a whole new experience to smoking. The smoke that you draw from the pipe comes out cool and gives the tobacco a whole new flavor. One of the best smokes I've ever experienced.

  • 4
    Wish the pipe had arrived at 100%

    Posted by Anthony on 3rd Dec 2014

    I nearly sent this pipe back because I couldn't suck any air through the stem. After about an hour or two of trying to get a pipe cleaner through the stem I finally broke through what I think was a space that didn't get drilled through. The pipe, after I fixed it, is great. However, I expected that with the price and the fact that it had been inspected I wouldn't have to mess with it for it to be good.

  • 5
    Churchwarden´s fan? this must be yours!

    Posted by ayax gudziol on 7th Dec 2013

    This is one of my favourite pipes in my collection. The person who likes churchwardens should find in this Savinelli model the perfect dimension, size, hold and definitive shape. It fits elegantly and the ebonite elongation is stylized and beautiful, matching every detail in stylized perfection. Smokes nicely and cool, a pipe that may be reserved for your favourite tobacco only and destined for those special moments when you´re up for sitting either in the porch or among the woods.