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To tell the story of Ser Jacopo pipes is to tell the story of Giancarlo Guidi. Born in 1943, Guidi would go on to be respected as bringing about a renewal of Italian smoking pipes. His fresh mind and reinvigorating ideas took a stagnant Italian pipe scene and forced it to adjust its thinking and its way of producing new pipes.


An artisan at heart, Guidi was fortunate to meet up with other pipe makers to form his own company, with which he could make tobacco pipes that reflected the artistic and inventive history that the country was known for. So in 1972, Guidi helped form Mastro de Paja.


Later, in 1981, Guidi broke away from Maestro de Paja and formed a brand new company, Ser Jacopo. 


In founding Ser Jacopo, Guidi found himself with more creative freedom to work on tobacco pipes and their designs at his leisure, enabling him to create some incredibly artful works.


Guidi would spread this creativity around, joining other Italian pipe makers together and helping to create the artful and exceptionally well made style known as the Pesaro style. 


It is this style that influences Guidi. As an art lover, he was able to adapt that passion in order to create smoking pipes that double as his own pieces of art. 


Sadly, Guidi would get sick some time in the early 2010s. He spent his last days preparing Ser Jacopo for a world without him. He passed away in 2012, at 64 years old.


His legacy is in good hands, as Ser Jacopo continues to create limited runs of extremely well made smoking pipes that honors the creative flair and vision of their founder.


If you want to collect a handmade pipe that offers a sense of fantasy and wonder, you will be best served by getting yourself a Ser Jacopo tobacco pipe.

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