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Sutliff 523 VooDoo Queen Pipe Tobacco

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Brand: Sutliff

Model: 523 VooDoo Queen

Tobacco Type: Burley, Latakia, Perique, Virginia

Cut: Ribbon

Blend Type: English

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Full

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: None


  • 1 oz.
  • 2 oz.
  • 4 oz.
  • 8 oz.
  • 16 oz.
  • 5 lbs.

Country: USA

Room Note:

10 Reviews

  • 3
    Didn't work its magic on me

    Posted by Mountainman Sam on 18th Jul 2022

    I have to say, I enjoy this one quite a bit while I'm in the process of smoking it. The smoke is good, and the taste reminds me of bbq and sweet tea. Where it loses me is after I set my pipe down. It leaves an unpleasant sour ashy taste in my mouth that lasts several hours, even after brushing my teeth. I haven't had this issue with other tobaccos, so it's not just your normal pipe breath. For me, it makes me not reach for it when I have any other options to hand. I won't be getting this one again.

  • 5
    Sutliff Voodoo Queen

    Posted by Bubbalicious on 1st Sep 2021

    I LOVE this stuff. Spicy, smoky, mocha, pastry, coffee. I stock pile this blend. Definitely a bit unusual but that is the attraction. The first bulk blend I tried and immediately ordered more to cellar.

  • 5
    Voodoo queen

    Posted by Kissel Bixby on 2nd Jul 2021

    Been branching out of aros in English. I have some heavy hitters. If you want a heavy hitter it's not. BUT this is a great tobacco. Sweet grass and incense is a great description. It's well rounded, complex without overbearing. Room note is great for me, wife hasn't complained but I have a nice breeze and she isn't too close. I can't imagine anyone not at least finding some worth out of it, especially for the price, I will buy again. is all I buy from and they are phenomenal in every aspect.

  • 5
    Voodoo Queen

    Posted by AF on 17th Jan 2021

    Voodoo Queen, horrible name but my go to morning blend. My daily rotation includes +- 8 tobaccos. I like to start with this subtle smoky blend and progress to more flavorful and robust smoke through out the day.

  • 4
    great smoke!

    Posted by Diego Rodriguez on 16th Jan 2020

    It's a great smoke! it burns cool, and you can taste every ingredient in there. The second half of the bowl gets stronger, and I liked the aftertaste. Will buy again definitely.

  • 5
    Sweet grass and incense

    Posted by Gibby on 2nd Nov 2019

    I wasn't sure what to expect with the blend, but I've been pleasantly surprised. I found that the blend needs to be rubbed a bit, but once prepared, it packs well and smokes smooth, consistent, and cool. The favor is like sweet grass and its room note is like incense. If you're a fan of English blends and you want to try something a little different - this Voodoo Queen is worthy of putting in your pipe and smoking it.

  • 5
    voo doo queen

    Posted by Benjamin Gilliland on 15th Feb 2019

    Very spicy tobacco. Just ordered this again to back up my supply. Ages very well and seems to get spicier after about 6 mos. in the cellar. Will definitely keep this in my cellar.

  • 3
    Voodoo Queen Pipe Tobacco

    Posted by John on 9th Dec 2018

    It is ok, not great, but ok. Since you can't get Dunhill bulk anymore, you have to smoke something. This at least has some flavor - and some bite, unfortunately.

  • 4
    Mighty tastey

    Posted by John on 1st Apr 2018

    Very nice English. Spicy Perique and smokey Latakia. Mighty tasty smoke! I will be purchasing this blend again ;)