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Three Nuns Pipe Tobacco

For fans of C.S. Lewis and other famous pipe smokers, Three Nuns is the blend to smoke if you're trying to channel your idols. Originally blended by J. & F. Bell, this blend has been a favorite for generations.


J. & F. Bell was a tobacco company that originated in the mid-1800s in Glasgow, Scotland. They were not a huge company, seeing moderate success for their time. Their biggest claim to fame is undoubtedly this Three Nuns tobacco line, created some time near the turn of the century, most likely between 1899 and 1900. The original documentation has been lost to history, so we might never officially know precisely when the blends were created.


It is this tobacco line that they developed that ensures the business' name stays relevant and discussed to this day, despite going out of business almost 70 years ago.


Now made by Mac Baren, the tradition of excellence that dates back to more than 100 ago continues to enchant a new generation of tobacco pipe smokers.


We offer you two different blends from the Three Nuns line.


First is the original Three Nuns pipe tobacco. Mac Baren worked wonders, artfully recreating the original recipe, a combination of Dark Fired Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos. With this tobacco, you get a comfortable room note, combined with a full bodied smoke.


The other blend is the Three Nuns Green pipe tobacco. This blend takes the original mixture of Dark Fired Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos, then combines Perique for the extra flavor that comes with VaPer tobaccos. Medium in strength and taste, you will also love the traditional VaPer English aroma.


Three Nuns Pipe Tobacco carries a great and time tested history with it. It is fitting that the tins come with the Three Nuns slogan "none nicer," since that is the case with these tobaccos.

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    Bell's Three Nuns Pipe Tobacco Tin

    For fans of the original Three Nuns, first blended over a century ago, the Mac Baren iteration will invoke memories of the original, but is its own exceptional smoking experience entirely. For those of us who are HUGE C.S. Lewis fans, but were not alive...

    MSRP: $26.45
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