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Unfortunately, sometimes tobacco blends will disappear. The market might dry up, it might not sell well, or the company can go out of business. If this happens, a blend you love might no longer be available. While this can often be very disappointing, there are groups that dedicate themselves to matching the original recipe of vanished tobaccos. Some of these blends go onto huge success on their own, recapturing the imagination and heart of the old tobaccos.


These tobaccos come in bulk form, letting you get plenty of the alternative, enough to hold you over for quite a while. Having a tobacco match on hand is the smart thing to do, especially when the original blend has disappeared.


We offer you multiple sizes for your bulk tobacco match items, ranging from 2, 8, and 16 ounces in size. These options are perfect for making sure you know what you are trying to find. If you are looking to try it, 2 ounces is enough to get you going. If you pick it up and decide you love it, 16 ounces is ideal for making sure you have a full and steady amount.

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  • Match B.S. 759 Pipe Tobacco

    Match B.S. 759 Pipe Tobacco

    Brand: Tobacco Match Model: Match B.S. 759 Tobacco Type: Kentucky, Latakia, Oriental, Virginia Cut: Ribbon Blend Type: English Strength: 3 of 5 Taste: Medium Room Note: Tolerable Flavoring: None Amount: 2 oz. / 8 oz. / 16 oz. Country:...

    $3.94 - $129.20
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