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War Horse Bar Plug Pipe Tobacco

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 War Horse Bar is a strong pressed plug made with dark and rich tobaccos.  A recreation of a UK plug made by Gallaher, which was renowned for smooth strength.  Recommended for the experienced piper who can tolerate a strong dose of nicotine.  A throwback to simpler times and stronger tobaccos.

Brand: War Horse 

Model: Bar Plug

Tobacco Type: Burley, Dark Fired Kentucky, Virginia

Cut: Plug

Blend Type: Virginia

Strength: 5 of 5

Taste: Full

Room Note: Tolerable

Flavoring: Floral

Country: U.S.A

Size:  1.75 oz


What is in it?
The plug is pressed from smaller pieces of leaf and is very dark looking.  A milder topping adds sweetness and a licorice/vanilla flavor.  This blend uses the following tobaccos.
Dark Fired: Dark Fired Kentucky is at the front in this blend.
Burley: Burley is present, but is hard to notice as a seperate component .  It blends nicely with the dark fired.
Virginia:  Virginia is a component as well.  The Virginia is dark and bittersweet 
What does it smoke like?
War Horse is a strong and full smoke.  Listing the individual components seems a waste of time, as the plug processing has melded every tobacco together into one unified taste.  The topping provides a sweetness and a light coffee or almond flavor.  I can't find where the topping stops and the tobacco starts in the profile.  The blend changes little as it is smoked, but the topping decreases in the bottom half of a pipe.  Suprisingly, for a stronger blend, War Horse is smooth and easy to smoke.  This does not burn the throat or nose like many heavy tobaccos seem to.  The strength of this blend does tend to sneak up one the smoker.  A smaller pipe and a full meal are strongly recommended.  This has enough nicotine to make driving while smoking a bad idea. 
How to prepare it?
One large block of tobacco is waiting in the tin.  Since this plug is comprised of small pieces of tobacco I was able to break off a corner without using a knife.  Rub this out fully and you will see the tobacco is not as moist as it seems in the plug.  My bar was ready to load without drying.  A light pack is best, and you can expect some relights.  Room note is strong to others, but I love it.  


War Horse
Dark Fired Kentucky
Room Note:

7 Reviews

  • 5
    Da bomb

    Posted by Christian on 5th Aug 2022

    If you want a nicotine buzz this is the stuff to get, taste bomb too

  • 5
    Good Tobacco at a fair price

    Posted by christian Gish on 25th Jul 2022

    Very good flavor and strong. I'm a fan of strong tobacco and war horse does the trick. Three Nuns, Erinmore flake and war horse are now my top 3 Tobaccos. We shall see if there are others who will take the cake.

  • 4
    This tobacco blend pleasantly surprised me

    Posted by Vladimir Radzievski on 31st May 2022

    This tobacco blend pleasantly surprised me. Immediately upon opening, a strong and pleasant tonkin/coumarin smell, very similar to 1972. Although Plug is listed in the description, the tobacco separates and crumbles very easily. Strong enough (I'm not a fan of strong tobaccos), but with slow smoking and of course not on an empty stomach - very pleasant. Of course, it will not become an everyday tobacco, but from time to time I will return to it with pleasure. It lights with little fuss and burns quite well. The scenting is fairly pronounced at first - even now its still hard to put my finger on the flavor. I'm reminded of Lakeland florality. However, as the bowl progresses, the scenting recedes some and the tobacco comes forward until at mid-bowl the two meld and it reminds me of gingerbread. It is so smooth and pleasant that I am puffing along at a slow pace.

  • 4

    Posted by Robert Mink on 10th Aug 2021

    Full on aromatic. Very prominent tonquin flavor. High in vitamin N so take it easy on this one.

  • 5
    War horse bar

    Posted by Randy on 22nd Nov 2020

    Love this tobacco! Puff slow and on a full stomach otherwise this tobacco will kick you in the teeth.

  • 5
    Yes. It’s strong.

    Posted by Max Miles on 2nd May 2020

    If I could only have one tobacco to carry with me on a cross country trek, this would be the one. Make no mistake, this stuff delivers a lot of nicotine in a small amount of time and the rich flavor is smooth enough that it’s easy to smoke. Good stuff.

  • 5

    Posted by William Miller on 20th Jun 2019

    I ordered this along with the WH Green and can't say enough about how enjoyable this tobacco is. I like my tobacco strong and this is indeed strong. Doesn't seem to have any scent to it other than straight up, hard-hitting tobacco which this WH Bar is. This blend has a very strong tobacco flavor with no bells and whistles which after all is the reason I'm smoking tobacco. After looking over the flavor intensities of the three War Horse blends I'm led to believe they were made the way they are for the purpose of working your way up from a 3 of 5 to 4 of 5 and then a 5 of 5. As with the Green, hold off on this one also or you will get the real meaning of nausea and headaches. As for me, I love this blend as much as I do the other 2 WH blends and all 3 of these will be ordered regularly. Great tobacco, great prices, and super fast shipping at crazy low shipping charges, what more can anyone ask for? Kudo's to TP for caring more for their customers than they do about money.