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Dr. Grabow Golden Duke: Timeless Elegance!

The Dr. Grabow Golden Duke tobacco pipe is a gem amongst the Dr Grabow smoking pipes product line, being both top quality and economical. American made, the Dr. Grabow Golden Duke has all the best features that the Dr. Grabow Company is famous for, promising to provide you with the ultimate smoking experience, without having to rely on expensive imported goods to get the best smoke.

Dr. Grabow has been operational for the past sixty years, with its factory set up in a town called Sparta, which is situated near the Blue Ridge Mountain Range in North Carolina. Even though the town is quaint and has a population of eighteen hundred people, over two hundred thousand pipes get distributed from the Dr. Grabow factory each year for retail around the world. Dr. Grabow’s smoking pipes come in easy and accessible packaging, which makes the pipe the highlight of your purchase, without any fancy wrappings to distract you from what you bought.

Dr. Grabow Golden Duke is made of the finest grains of Mediterranean Briar wood, which makes the pipe easy to smoke, and keeps it relatively cooler after long hours of smokes. The Dr. Grabow Golden duke has an elegant acrylic mouthpiece that rests comfortably inside your mouth, which in perfect symmetry with the length, height and weight of the pipe.

The Dr. Grabow Golden Duke is 5, 3 inches in length, with its height being 1, 5 inches. The depth of the bowl of the Dr. Grabow Golden Duke is 1, 3 inches, and it’s inner bowl diameter measures up to two centimeters, which would mean it is 1, 3 inches deep.

The Dr. Grabow Golden Duke has a beautiful, glossy smooth finish, which gives the pipe an ultra sophisticated look, making it a true pleasure to smoke. In colors ranging from deep brown, to a slightly lighter golden brown finish, you can find the Dr. Grabow Golden Duke in twelve different versions within the product line, like all of Dr. Grabow’s pipe product lines.

Pipe enthusiasts have reviewed the Dr. Grabow Golden Duke, and have claimed that the smoking pipe has the quintessential shape out of all the smoking pipes in the Dr. Grabow product line, providing the ultimate balance desired for the perfect pipe.

The most attractive part of any Dr. Grabow smoking pipe is the ‘pre-smoked’ feature included, which lets you attain the best smoking experience, without having to waste long hours trying to “break in” the pipe to use it to its full potential.