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Dr Grabow Pipes 101

Dr Grabow tobacco pipes are great if you love smoking but are on a tight budget. Pipes from this brand prove that you do not have to be loaded in order to smoke the best. Needless to say, you can’t call yourself a true pipe enthusiast if you do not have one or two Dr Grabows handy for an evening smoke.

How it Came About

The story of the Dr Grabow smoking pipe is simpler than its popularity might suggest. It became an identifiable brand of pipes in 1931 and was the brainchild of Dr Paul Grabow himself and his friend Louis B.Linkman. Linkman was already a veteran pipe maker before he first met the general physician. His company, M.Linkman & Co. was under the MLC brand and had been making smoking pipes since 1892.

The Grabow family history relates that the two friends used to parley in Brown’s Drug Store for an occasional smoke and bull session in Lincoln Park. During one of those moments, Linkman asked Grabow to endorse one of his new pipes in his name. The company owner had an idea for a new innovative line of smoking pipes and was thinking about using a doctor’s name to quell any misgivings that any customer’s might have over smoking in general. Needless to say, the new pipe brand has been a favorite for regular pipe smokers since then especially due to the inexpensive price tag.

Different Models

Dr Grabow smoking tobacco pipes come in various unique shapes, colors and sizes. However, what appeals to customers are the names themselves. The pipes include the Freehand, Golden Duke, Royalton, Omega, Duke, Cardinal, Big Pipe, Grand Duke, Lark, Royal Duke, Riviera and the Savoy. Each of these pipes comes in varying sizes and textures.

For example, Dr Grabow’s Royalton usually comes with a Briar bowl, has an acrylic mouthpiece and filter. Other than that the depth of the bowl can be 3 to 5 centimeters with a 6mm filter. The height of the bowl can be 4 to 5 centimeters.

Other older Dr Grabow pipe models include the Adjustomatic El Dorado, Starfire and Viscount. Earlier Duke Filter stem pipes featured with the pipes displayed an emblem featuring a blue spade. Things changed in 1970s and 1960s when the yellow emblem was substituted for a white Dr Grabow emblem.

What makes Dr Grabow pipes so famous is its inexpensive price tag. Most of the smoking pipes can be bought for a mere $30. You wouldn’t know how cheap Dr Grabow smoking pipes are by the level of workmanship and quality designs that are associated with this brand.

Whatever the case may be (or type or size Dr Grabow pipe you like to smoke), one thing is for certain, you can be sure that you are getting worth your money no matter how inexpensive your chosen pipe might be. All you have to do is put it in your mouth and let Dr Grabow handle the rest.