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Savinelli Pipes

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Perhaps the best known tobacco pipes, Savinelli continues to lead the world in its production of quality Italian smoking pipes.

Achille Savinelli St. built a name for himself selling tobacco and tobacco accessories. A lifetime later, a grandson, Achille Savinelli Jr. turned the successful tobacco shop into a pipe smoking empire. Opening  in the late 1940s, the Savinelli pipe factory greatly aided in the establishment of an Italian pipe market internationally. Today, ran by a great-grandson, the company continues to be beloved by pipe smokers the world over. Read more about the Savinelli history.

Savinelli pipes are known for their unique Balsa Filter System which uses the ultra-porous Balsa wood to cut
down on tar and cool the smoke. Savinelli makes the most of this system, by making primarily convertible pipes that allow you to choose your smoking preference each time. 

TobaccoPipes.com has one of the best tobacco pipe selections for the current Savinelli models on the internet. Browse our extensive collection of Savinelli pipes and you’re sure to find a pipe your collection won’t be complete without. Whether it’s your first smoking pipe or smoking is a regular ritual, a Savinelli pipe is a must. 

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