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What Is Tobacco Pipe Cake?

When you first receive your tobacco pipe and start to use it, there will most likely be no buildup of material on the inside of the pipe. This is one reason why newbies to tobacco smoking often feel as if they are not doing something right. They may try someone else’s pipe and with just one use of a new one, realize there is an extreme difference in how the pipe burns and the flavor of the smoke. This is something that occurs with time and several uses. The carbon buildup is the residue that is left behind in the pipe after you smoke. This carbon buildup is often referred to as tobacco pipe cake.

Tobacco Pipe CakeCake is Good!

Tobacco pipe cake is something that cannot be avoided and is actually there for a good reason. Once the carbon buildup is apparent, you will notice that the tobacco inside burns slower and more evenly. This is due to the fact that the cake acts as an insulator on the inside of the pipe. It harbors the heat of the embers and helps to evenly distribute the burn. It is believed that once the cake reaches about an eighth of an inch in thickness around the bowl of the pipe, it will burn at its best and produce the best flavor.

Fake Cake

If you have a new pipe that does not have any pipe cake built up, it is possible to implement a sort of artificial cake to help with the burning. There are a variety of different techniques that can be used to create a synthetic cake inside the bowl. Many people choose to use honey or even some type of marketed tobacco cake and manually apply it to the pipe. This is a good alternative, but never beats the real thing.

Clean Some Cake

You will have to clean the cake from the tobacco pipe after a while. If not, the carbon buildup will continue to grow and you will have very little space for the actual tobacco that you  use to fill it. It is a good idea to scrape down the cake on a regular basis and keep it at a maintained level. This will improve the life of your pipe and help keep the space open enough for filling. Otherwise, your pipe can become completely closed in over time, which will make it much harder to clean out and create an opening for new tobacco.