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Father’s Day Gifts for Pipe Collectors

Father’s Day Gifts for Pipe Collectors

Posted by Renia Carsillo on 4th Jun 2015

Father's Day Gift Guide for tobacco pipe collectors

Dads are notoriously tricky to buy for. When the father in question is also a tobacco pipe enthusiast, the equation can get even more tricky. If you’re struggling with what Father’s Day gift to buy for the guy in your life, read on. We will take the guess work out of shopping for a pipe smoking Dad. We’ve rounded up the perfect gifts, in every price range, to make shopping for dad a breeze.

Take the quiz...

Before you choose a gift, you need to know what type of pipe collector the man you’re buying for is. Take this 5-question quiz to help you figure it out. Jot down the letter that best describes the tobacco pipe collector you’re buying for. Then scroll down to see what type of smoker he is.

1. How does he choose his pipes?

a. Randomly online, by browsing on websites and/or Instagram.

b. With care, let’s just say there are charts, graphs and master plans.

c. By price, our family is on a budget.

2. What type of pipe tobacco does he smoke most?

a. Blends that smell good, I’m always commenting about how nice they are.

b. A mix, his collection is large and random. He’s smoking something different every day.

c. Smoky and foul smelling stuff, it makes me gag to be near it.

3. Does he have a brand or carver preference?

a. Yes, he has a bunch of pipes with names like Savinelli and Peterson of Dublin printed on the side.

b. Not really, he has more of some brands than others, but no particular distinction.

c. No, most of his pipes are from small carvers and/or random deliveries we get from the post office all the time.

4. How often does he smoke a pipe?

a. Occasionally, no more than three times per week and often less.

b. Once per day, usually in the evenings while he’s relaxing from the work day.

c. All the time, more than once per day and anywhere from in the car to at the office.

5. How does he interact with the tobacco pipe community?

a. There’s a community? I didn’t know.

b. Mostly in forums or at a local shop. He’s been friends with some of the guys he smokes with for years.

c. On Instagram, Voxer and/or YouTube. It seems like he always has his phone in one hand and a pipe in the other.

Results: The Traditionalist, The Aficionado or The Trailblazer

Tally how many of each letter you have to figure out what type of pipe smoker the father in your life is. If you’re split between two, no worries. That just means he’s easier to buy for than most. Choose the one that you think fits your favorite dad best.

Mostly A’s: The Traditionalist

The Traditionalist has probably been smoking a pipe since before it became trendy with Millennials, or maybe started when it was trendy with Baby Boomers. He’s probably a fan of classic brands and likes to smoke pipe tobacco blends with a reputation for excellence. To him, smoking his favorite pipe isn’t really a statement. It’s just something he does to relax sometimes. When buying gifts for this type of collector, stick with tried-and-true names that have a large and longstanding following.

Mostly B’s: The Aficionado

Think of The Aficionado as you would a collector of fine wine. For this pipe smoking dad it’s all about the flavor of the tobacco. He’s likely to have a large collection of blends and many different pipe shapes to pair different style tobaccos with. You’re not likely to find a preference for one type or brand in his collection, but after observing him carefully researching each new acquisition, you know he takes the process seriously. Gift buying for The Aficionado might require a little detective work.

Mostly C’s: The Trailblazer

The Trailblazer

For The Trailblazer, the community of pipe smokers he interacts with are part of why he’s so attracted to the hobby. The Trailblazer likely spends a lot of time talking about smoking and collecting pipes with his buddies, mostly in social media. He probably receives boxes with handwritten labels fairly regularly, has at least attempted to grow a beard and aspires to make his own pipes and/or tobacco blends someday. Buying gifts for The Trailblazer is easy. He loves trying new carvers or tobacco brands, just don’t buy him anything that smells like dessert when he smokes it.

Gift Ideas for tobacco pipe collectors

Now that you know what type of collector your favorite dad is, you can choose a gift with ease. Just choose the category below that fits your budget and we’ll share a perfect choice for each type - the Traditionalist, Aficionado or Trailblazer.

Gift Ideas $50 and Under

If you’re on a budget and/or have a few dads to buy for. These gifts are sure to be unique, high-value and bank account friendly. All domestic orders at ship for free, so you can spend your hard-earned dollars on the gift itself, not the postman.

Best Choice for the Traditionalist

Savinelli Briar Tamper

Stick with a brand your traditional pipe collector will love, while still giving him something he probably doesn’t have. The handsome Savinelli Briar Pipe Tool is a handsome and indulgent gift that he probably wouldn’t buy for himself but is sure to love. Made with the same material as his favorite pipes, the tamper features both a briar handle and case. It’s all handsomely contained in a velvet case of Savinelli blue. This gift is the epitome of the old saying, “Good things come in small packages.”

Best Choice for the Aficionado

The Jobey 3 Pipe Case with

Jobey 3 Pipe Pouch

Tobacco Pouch is the perfect Father’s Day gift for The Aficionado, who really prefers to choose his own smoking pipes and tobaccos. The case will give him a place to store a number of items from his collection and help him carry them safely on business trips or to a pipe club meeting. Made of supple lambskin, this elegant case will be with him for years to come and only become more supple with age and care.

Best Choice for the Trailblazer

Missouri Meerschaum American Dad Gift Set

The Trailblazer Dad is sure to love a couple new corn cob pipes paired with a pipe tobacco he may not have tried before. The Missouri Meerschaum American Dad Gift Set offers that and more. Two pipes, cleaners, 3-in-1 tool, tobacco and tobacco pouch all for only $50? This is one of the best deals for pipe smoking dads this Father’s Day!

Gifts $150 and Under

If your budget has a little more wiggle room, we have some inspired choices for every type of dad this season. Whether you choose a gift set or a single item, these choice -- all new products for 2015 -- are a sure bet.

A Pipe for the Traditionalist

Peterson Father's Day

Peterson may have discontinued their traditional Father’s Day line for 2015, but we’ve still got a few of last year’s series on hand. If the father you’re buying for is a Peterson fan, owning at least one Father’s Day Series pipe is a must. We like the gorgeously curved Peterson Father’s Day 2014 X220 best, but you’d better hurry. Once these are gone, they are gone forever and we have less than a handful left.

Magic Memories Gift SetA Gift for the Aficionado

Pairing the Savinelli Magic Cloth with an under-appreciated smoking pipe and one of our favorite dark-horse tobacco blends makes for a memorable Father’s Day for the fan of great tobacco flavors. The Savinelli Magic Moments Gift Set is sure to please your favorite fan of interesting new flavors.

A new carver for the Trailblazer

Owl Pipes

Treat your favorite Trailblazer to a 

whimsical tobacco pipe gift set from a brand-spanking new-to-the-scene artisan carver. Owl Pipes are one-of-a-kind and come in wooden boxes with fun additions like briar keychains and handwritten notes. If you’re favorite pipe smoker spends much time on Instagram, he’s probably lusted after one of these pipes. Owl Pipes carver, Steve LaVoice Jr, has a cult-like following of raving fans and can always be counted on for a unique twist on old classics.

Gift Ideas over $200

If you are in the mood to be a little indulgent of your favorite Dad’s hobby, you can find a truly special and unique gift for almost any personality. We asked a few of our followers on Instagram to tell us what they were coveting this Father’s Day. Here’s what tobacco pipe collectors of every type had to say…

The perfect gift for a Traditionalist

Savinelli Autographs

Savinelli Autographs are the ultimate indulgence for a fan of historical brands. These pipes are made by hand, by expert carvers in Italy and use only the absolute finest pieces of briar. The traditionalist will be absolutely gobsmacked by the presentation of one of these legendary pieces on Father’s Day morning. Each is one of a kind. It’s the perfect combination of a known quantity and something unique.

A treat for the Aficionado

Paul's Blowfish

Give a smoker in tune with flavors a special treat by gifting him a Paul’s Pipe. Handmade by master carver, Paul Menard, in the Northern California mountains, each pipe is specifically made for a particular type of tobacco blend. This attention to detail ensures that each Paul’s Pipe produces the maximum flavor per puff for the type of tobacco smoked in it.

An indulgence for the Trailblazer

Ardor Pipes

If you’re looking for an indulgent gift for 

your favorite Trailblazer, an Ardor Pipe is a superior choice. Each piece is unique. The father and son team who are the force behind Ardor create whimsical, usually heavy and seriously stunning pieces in their Italian studios. Your favorite pipe smoking dad will be the envy of all his friend when he takes a pipe selfie with an Ardor!

Keeping it in perspective

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re shopping in a department you don’t know much about. If tobacco pipes are not your thing, hopefully our handy guide will help. If they are, we hope you can use this as a tool to teach your loved ones how to choose the perfect gift.

Happy Father’s Day!