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Cornell & Diehl Smooth English Pipe Tobacco

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Cornell & Diehl Smooth English is an Amar Blends Co. mix that C&D bought the rights to. A mix of Virginia, Latakia and Burley, this contrasting colored coarse cut pipe tobacco is a perfect starter if you’re thinking about jumping into English blends.


Brand: Cornell & Diehl

Model: Smooth English Bulk

Tobacco Type: Burley, Latakia & Virginia

Cut: Coarse Cut

Blend Type: Virginia

Strength: 3 of 5

Taste: Medium

Room Note: Pleasant

Flavoring: None


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  • 4 oz. Bulk
  • 8 oz. Bulk
  • 16 oz. Bulk
  • 5 lbs. Bulk

Country: US

Cornell & Diehl
Room Note:

7 Reviews

  • 4
    Very Nice

    Posted by John Evans on 3rd Feb 2024

    I am a novice pipe smoker (2 years) so still learning the subtleties of tobaccos. Upon firing it up, I was able to detect a bit of Latakia which is nice. It’s a smooth smoke and not too overpowering especially if you are an aro smoker and want to try a Virginia blend. And as the name suggests…it is smooth. No tongue bite if smoked normally.

  • 5
    Best English Non-Aromatic Blend

    Posted by Ed Deeg on 14th Oct 2022

    This is my go to tobacco for midday and when I want just tobacco and no casing. It is strong enough to enjoy without too much of a nicotine hit, seems to be just right. The flavor is very similar to a mountain side camp fire without the leathery types of tobacco and just burley, cavendish, and latakia. The room note and tin note are great like a real wood campfire and natural tobacco. Smooth smoking and burns easily without many relights.

  • 4
    Great every day smoke

    Posted by Robert Perra on 11th Mar 2022

    This is a fantastic English for an everyday smoke. It goes great with American Bourbons or if you’re not into alcohol it goes great with a strong cuppa Joe. It took me a while to find that sweet spot of drying it out perfectly but once you do man oh man you can’t go wrong especially for the price. I already bought a second batch of 8 ounces. The description on it is spot on. If you are heavily into aromatics it might take you a while to get used to it. When you first light it up it is very smooth and light but the further you smoke it around the middle or to the end of the bowl it gets more full body but not overwhelming. I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Cornell & Diehl tobacco

    Posted by Abdollah Shahbazi on 30th Aug 2020


  • 5

    Posted by Verified Customer on 23rd Dec 2014


  • 5

    Posted by Verified Customer on 23rd Dec 2014


  • 4
    English Virgin

    Posted by Saussman on 4th Dec 2014

    This is my first English tobacco foray after smoking only Aromatics. So what did I do? I bought 16 ounces of the stuff untried! And I am glad I did! I am new to pipe smoking, only three months, but the addiction, not to the tobacco, but of collecting pipes is a terrible bug, which I fear there is no cure for. I digress though. When my tobacco arrived I was stunned! Sixteen ounces of tobacco is a BIG bag! I thought, how am I going to smoke all that? One bowl at a time! One bowl at a time! Now, I usually let my tobacco air dry for a few days at 30% Relative Humidity ( the normal RH in my house ). I have found that the tobacco smokes better, doesn't need a re-light as often and smokes cooler with less harshness, for me anyway. I live in a high desert area so that is easy. Now this blend has a nice room aroma according to my wife. Un-smoked, it has a slightly sweet maple and Juniper aroma. Definitely different, but in a good way. I can't handle a lot of nicotine so this is just right for me in the morning or anytime of the day, in the mild to medium range I think. I would like to add some kudos to the Tobacco Pipes Co. This is a really nice outfit to order from. Sometimes hard to get a hold of on the telephone ( they do call back! ), but emailing and web ordering are the tops from my ordering experience and their prices are the best that I have researched! Good smoking and Cheers!