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Molina has released many different pipe series, and one of their most impressive looking lines is their Tromba series. Italian for trumpet, they certainly do their best to fit the name with the design.


Humans have used trumpets for thousands of years. Much like tobacco pipes, their shape and the material used have changed with the times.


Trumpets have been found throughout the ancient world and have been made out of many things. These materials include wood, clay, bone, and its current material: brass. Much like their makeup, the use of trumpets has changed as well. They were originally designed for wartime, where blowing a trumpet would signal troops to advance, retreat, or other strategic movements. This function eventually transferred to the Bugle, while trumpets began to take their place on the concert stage as part of the orchestra. 


Trumpets have different shapes and designs, much like the Molina smoking pipes named after them. We offer you twelve different Tromba smoking pipes. One of the great design features is the metallic band at the end of the shank that flares outward, where it is wider than the stem. Each of the Tromba pipes features this band and is a great addition with every finish.


Speaking of finishes, there are two excellent ones for the Tromba pipes. The first is a sandblasted option, with a black stain on top. Sandblasting provides a great texture to the bowl, without the extreme pits and valleys that rustication brings. A sandblasted smoking pipe is a great way to enjoy a tactile sensation when smoking and will almost always look great.


The other option is the smooth brown finish. This finish allows you to see the grain and striation of the briar, letting you more easily appreciate the material used by Molina.


Either finish will look excellent in your pipe rotation or while resting on your pipe stand when not in use.

12 of 12 Items
12 of 12 Items