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Neerup is the passion project of Peder Jeppesen, a Danish pipe maker mentored by greats such as Karl Erik Ottendahl and Erik Nørding. His career in the world of pipe making began in 1977, where he learned the craft by starting at the very beginning of the carving process. This was right in the boom period of Danish smoking pipes, so Jeppesen was fortunate to be learning at the right place at the right time. He earned his training by sweeping the floors, gradually moving up to earn lessons in sanding, shaping, and carving the briar pipes of Denmark. Eventually, Jeppesen was skilled enough that he was able to open up his own shop in 2001, where he has made excellent tobacco pipes since.


Naming his brand Neerup, after his grandmother, Jeppesen took all of his years of training and put them to work to become a well respected and highly sought master pipe maker.


Neerup pipes are produced by Peder and his son, Christian, from fine briar that was collected in Corsica, Greece, and Morocco, with stems in black acrylic, Cumberland, and amber.


Jeppesen brings a true maker's eye to each Neerup pipe. He takes care to apply special finishing touches, often involving ornate silver work on the shank, stem, or the top of the bowl. With his experience, he is able to ensure the deft attention he pays to lines and proportion pays off by turning each pipe into a great piece.


Jeppesen produces pipes that are perfectly balanced works of art and offered at prices that make collecting multiple Neerups an easy achievement.


Neerup smoking pipes are incredibly affordable, especially considering their handmade quality. You will be hard pressed to find another pipe maker that has a handmade line that will be priced at this level.


From bent-stem nose warmers to elegant polished churchwardens, Neerup's Classic and Basic collections provide a piece of Danish pipe making history at an unbelievable price.

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