Neerup Pipes


Neerup is the passion of Peder Jeppsen, a Danish pipemaker mentored by greats such as Karl Erik Ottendahl and Erik Nørding. Christened with the family name of one of his grandmothers, Neerup pipes are produced by Peder and his son, Christian, from fine briar from Corsica, Greece and Morocco, with stems in black acrylic, Cumberland, and amber.


Jeppsen brings a true maker’s eye to each Neerup pipe. From his singular finishing touches—often involving ornate silver work on the shank, stem, or the top of the bowl—to the deft attention he pays to lines and proportion, Jeppsen produces pipes that are perfectly balanced works of art and offered at prices that make collecting multiple Neerups an easy achievement. From bent-stem nose warmers to elegant polished church wardens, Neerup’s Classic and Basic collections offer a piece of Danish pipemaking history at an unbelievable price.