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The Seattle Pipe Club started in 2001, holding their first meeting in January of that year. For six years, the club met to discuss new tobaccos, new smoking pipes, and new industry information while the membership grew and relationships formed.


Soon enough, there were picnics, parties, slow smoke contests, and plenty more options for members to appreciate and enjoy. They announce annual pipes of the year, and they linked up with other pipe clubs from around the world, leading to new and exciting international partnerships.


The Seattle Pipe Club’s famous blends were the brainchild of long-time club member and Master Blender Joe Lankford.


Lankford originally owned and operated a tobacco shop in Kansas during the early 1970s. It was there that he was able to start experimenting with blending his own tobaccos, giving him some valuable experience that made him a popular member of the pipe tobacco community.


The club started producing these tobaccos in 2007, and they have shown drastic success. The first of the Seattle Pipe Club tobaccos was Mississippi River, which Lankford says came to him in a dream.


We provide all 13 Seattle Pipe Club pipe tobaccos for you to look through. Each one is unique, and you will find memorable flavors with each one. The most famous of these blends is Plum Pudding, which is an English blend with depth and strength. You won’t want to miss out on blends by The Seattle Pipe Club; they are a treat. Grab a tin of your favorite, or try them all.

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18 of 18 Items